Global Warming on Ice

As the grand solar minimum closes in on us, as sun spots become as rare as honest politicians, as the upper atmosphere cools rapidly (according to NASA), and as it gets way colder and snowier than normal, only the biggest idiots in the galaxy would be getting hysterica about manmade global warming.

Certainly we do have climate change but it is cold climate change and we have the cold and the snow to prove it. The smarter part of the public could see the lies, the deception, the fraud from a mile off but now the cold and snow is here in force and its not even winter. Yeah come on, we are suffering from the hotest climate in modern times and winter comes two months early. Tell me another one.

We can talk about idiots when we talk about how flat the world is and we can talk about idiots when we talk about global warming. They suffer from sun deficiency disease, or ignore the sun syndrome. Poor them. To them warm means cold and cold means warm–obviously they are confused. 

The people in France are not so confused, and in Paris, there is revolution against the Paris Accord, about being taxed because of carbon taxes that are based on the hallucination that CO2 causes warming. You can believe that and you can believe in flat earths. Better to believe in walking on water.

Ok the world is warming and is flat. Now what? With the insanity very few will be prepared for what is in reality coming. If your going to listen to anyone listen to the astrophysicts,  they know what is going on.

Now imagine that everyone in the world is paying attention to the Yellow Jackets and sympathizes with them. It would be interesting if everyone who owns something yellow starts wearing it. Like Indians listened to Ghandi in France, we should be listening to the people in France who have no leader, its just the people. People like you and me.

 And now thousands of them are in jail for wanting to express themselves, to demonstrate and show their displeasure in a government that hates democracy. So many on both sides of the Atlantic have made democracy into a joke. Actually worse than a joke they have made democracy into a crime. Democracy has created a class of criminals (politicians) that conduct crimes against their own people. Look what Merkel did inviting a million foreigners into her country that want nothing to do with German culture. In Sweden the liberals are in agony as they realized what they did to themselves, to their women and children who can no longer walk in many places without fear.

Below is a picture of the North Pole from last week. Before you look at it remember that Al Gore, who started this whole sharade, predicted there would be no ice by now. Remember there is a climate disaster going on. Now look at how much ice there is and then remember the cold, this next solar minimum, and the very icey snowy short growing season times that are just begining.

Looks like a lot of ice compared to no ice. Now you can begin to see how big the hallucination is.

I am not kidding above when I say Vivo France!! Long live the spirit that is sweeping France. How many of us around the world have the courage that the French are showing. They are doing it again and if the entire world of people gets behind them, showing their support they the people will win.

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  • John Gorski says:

    Does this mean that will stop? Oh not yet…. the chemtrails are actually viruses and bacteria that degrades and culls the weak. Is this the solution to a growing elderly population ? The biggest story that remains untold.

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