Winter is was 42 days Away – Minus 17F in Montana

Global warming is just a lot of hot air. Hot enough to freeze the globe with the coming of the next mini-ice age. Basically, the story on the ground is winter temperatures have arrived a full 60 days early. What we would expect to experience in mid January we are experiencing in mid November. Before winter gets here most people in the northern hemisphere will be tired of winter.

Minus 17F in Montana – Minus 15F in North Dakota. That’s -27.2°C and -26.1°C respectively. “And to think winter is only 42 days away…” says meteorologist Kevin Lawrence. In Russia it was worse on the 12th of November. Siberian temps plunged to -40°C (-40°F) This is considered very cold for this time of year, deviating from the norm by 13–16 degrees.

How will climate scientists, all 97 percent of them live with the humiliation of being so wrong? Washington’s preening, self-important ruling class, The New York Times and most of rest of the mainstream media are no longer newspapers in the traditional sense, but advocacy of and propaganda arms of the liberal minded Democratic Party, all of which are fanatically promoting global warming when it’s the Big Chill that is coming down on us. To give them the benefit of a doubt by calling them publishers of fake news seems to kind for developers and deliverers of informational terrorism.

Imagine the citizens of 27 States waking up to winter storm warnings and freezing temperatures on November 15, 2018. You think as they step outside, they would have some doubts about global warming? Winter storm warnings are in effect for 27 states. But hey its not winter but Democrats do not care about that. The mercury in San Antonio, Texas, plunged to 23F (-5C) at the airport this morning, tying for the fourth-coldest November low temp on record and shattering a 102 year record. Records for snow and cold are being set all over the middle and eastern United States.

Global warming is hitting the rocky shoals of reality, a cold reality that will chill your bones and pop the bubble of liberal minded arrogance. A group of activists have staged a sit-in protest at Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s congressional office. Sunrise, a progressive environmentalist movement, organised the protest to push Democrats to act more decisively on climate change now that they will have control of the House of Representatives. It’s the Big Chill but they are all hot under the collar.

Meanwhile on the same day temperatures in Texas were running 25 degrees below average according to the U.S. Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland. That night temperatures in Dallas fell to 27F (-2.8C), a full 5 degrees F below freezing and potentially reaching previous cold records for the date. Meanwhile, Dallas and Austin may also see light snow showers tonight with winter still about 40 days away. Would be nice if there was as much heat in the atmosphere as there are in Democratic brains.

People without enough brain cells can’t see the obvious shift to the cold side. No matter how cold and how early that cold comes or how late it stays they will feel warm. It is all in their heads and it does seem to heat things up in political circles.

Its like this with many issues. Gun control freaks, for instance, want to take away guns from private citizens and leave them all with the government. That’s not gun control that’s government control. Gun control freaks also do not understand that guns are not the only weapons at play with the stupendous increase of mass killings this past decade. There are chemical guns, pharmaceutical drugs for depression that drive marginal people over the edge to kill with guns.

Central states running 10 to 20 degrees below normal as far south as Texas. It is clear from the latest IPCC climate report that most climate scientists are deluded (payed off) and more than ready to deceive the rest of us. Is it too harsh to say may God damn their souls? The words are meaningless for they have damned their own souls by daring to go against God, against Nature, against reality against the truth. It is hard to think of anything in history to compare though politicians and the elite have always lied their hearts out.

Global warming is so out of control that we find record cold wiping out vineyards in Australia. Eighty-percent losses. November snowfall caused massive damages to Kashmir apple orchards. The first November snowfall in Kashmir since 2009 “a catastrophe.” With the apple harvest yet to be completed, the snowfall caused widespread damage to the mainstay of the Valley economy – horticulture. State horticulture director Manzoor Qadri said fruit growers had suffered “heavy damages,” explaining that some orchards in Anantnag and Shopian had lost 60 to 70% fruit-bearing capacity.

On the 11th of November we have a winter storm warning issued by the National Weather Service in Amarillo TX and on the 10th November, we read that the Winemakers in Western Australia’s Great Southern region are reeling from a frost event that damaged up to 80 per cent of their vines.

Global warming is a mental disease not something that is happening to the planet. The Guardian takes the cake with global warming hysteria saying:

“Heatwaves severely damage the fertility of male beetles and consecutive hot spells leave them virtually sterilised, according to research.”

“Global warming is making heatwaves more common and wildlife is being annihilated, and the study may reveal a way in which these two trends are linked. The scientists behind the findings said there could also be some relevance for humans: the sperm counts of western men have halved in the last 40 years.”

Where mainstream publications get the nerve to publish things like this as the world cools dramatically in the face of diminishing solar activity is anyone’s guess. Since global warming is not a problem what is the problem? In a study published in The Lancet, researchers called air pollution the “largest environmental cause of disease and premature death in the world today.”

More than 9 million premature deaths were caused by air pollution in 2015, nearly 16 percent of deaths worldwide. This was three times more deaths than attributed to tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS combined. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 92 percent of the world breathe polluted air, and air pollution is a major contributor to lung and respiratory infections, heart disease, and cancer. However, what many fail to consider is indoor air pollution may actually be as dangerous as outdoor air pollution.

Non-existent warming is not a problem, but chemical and heavy metal pollution is! Also, more than 72,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2017, according to the NIH — about 200 per day. That number is more than four times the number who died in 1999 from drug abuse: 16,849. The figures are up about 15 percent from 63,632 drug-related deaths in 2016. How come we never hear the global warming crowd cry about this?

We also read that there is Snow to the Mexican border. Also, we had the earliest snowfall in Houston on record. Earliest measurable snowfall in Monroe, Louisiana, on record, breaking the previous record by 10 days. And it was the snowiest start to the snow season in Wichita, Kansas on record.

John Kerry Wins the Climate Idiot Award for 2018

Image result for John Kerry

Europe faces even deeper political turmoil and the possibility of mass migration from Africa unless the world urgently addresses the threat of climate change, the former US secretary of state John Kerry said. “We are heading for catastrophe unless we respond to some life-threatening challenges very rapidly. We have a climate-denying president that pulls us out of the Paris climate change agreement at a time when literally every day matters.”

Trashing an American president who has the courage to stand up for truth and do something about it is not a good idea and, in the end, might be the end of the Democratic party, which is staking everything on the truth of manmade global warming, which is proving everyday to be false. To be more descriptive they are a sunless party ignoring completely what is going on in the sun and the effect that is having on earth. The catastrophe of our world is not manmade global warming it is chemical and heavy metal pollution and psychopathic minds that continue lying to the public forever about everything important.

Global warming is dead on arrival. We are living in a cooling world because we revolve around a temporarily cooling sun. It has happened before and will happen again and again because the sun runs in cycles, as does everything else. But ok, the earth is flat, the sun revolves around the earth and we are facing manmade global warming.

The story is not over. It is just starting.

Global cooling is just getting underway as we are just entering a grand solar minimum. On the 16th of November a fall snowstorm wreaked havoc on the East Coast, stranding New York City commuters, canceling more than 7,000 flights, knocking out power to more than 300,000 residents and forcing children to stay at school overnight. The rough weather has contributed to at least seven deaths in the U.S., The Associated Press said. Those deaths, and the many more climate deaths that will come in the years to come will be the fault of terrible cold not heat.

The headlines read: Fake news on Facebook is killing people. The fake news on manmade global warming is also going to kill people because it is leaving individuals, families, towns and cities unprepared for the onslaught of cold. The very sickening New Yorker Magazine is all in for the faked manmade global warming scam. Want to read the ranting of the convinced; meaning you want to make yourself sick reading how badly the conceptual mind can lose itself in its ideas—go ahead. Sick minds divorced from reality think that saying something is so makes it so.

The News on Global Warming is Relentless

PBS news published, “Hurricane Harvey swamped Houston with seven days of pounding rain last August. When scientists went back to look at historical weather patterns, they reported Harvey dumped 20 percent more rain than it typically would have. The culprit: climate change. Today, we know that Harvey wasn’t an outlier. A new study, published Wednesday in Nature by the same lab, reports that climate change intensified the rains of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria by between 4 and 9 percent. The researchers predict that future warming could increase rainfall totals for the most extreme hurricanes and tropical cyclones by up to 30 percent.

This is all true except the warming part. It is the increased cosmic rays creating more cloud cover that is responsible for the increase in precipitation and that is caused by diminishing solar activity which is cooling not warming. The above video is from Turkey, which is being hit hard by snow from this increased precipitation caused by global cooling.

The Guardian is at it yet again saying, “China, Russia and Canada’s current climate policies would drive the world above a catastrophic 5C of warming by the end of the century, according to a study that ranks the climate goals of different countries. The US and Australia are only slightly behind with both pushing the global temperature rise dangerously over 4C above pre-industrial levels says the paper.” I wonder if they calculated the decades of cooling that will come first.

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