The Big Chill – Early Winter Onslaught


For the month of October, we have enough climate news to fill a book. It is all over the press. Seems like the “planet is even closer to catastrophe than scientists previously predicted.” Climate change is taking us literally by storm hitting us in the face, and below the belt as agricultural production is affected. This month we read headlines as deadly as: Can Civilization Survive What’s Coming? People are freaking out, rightfully, but for the wrong reasons. Wildlife populations are plummeting in face of human activity but that has nothing to do with temperature change and everything to do with pollution as we poison our planet with massive amounts of heavy metals, chemicals, plastics and radiation.

"Some people express very high levels of stress relating to climate change and even report panic attacks, obsessive thinking, loss of appetite and even insomnia because of their concerns about climate change," says psychologist Honey Langcaster-James.

Global warming pundits know that they can consistently get away with saying anything they want with total impunity and they do. In fact, they have created a split in science. As we shall see in this essay the US’s leading scientific body has bought hook, line and sinker the global warming con even as NASA, scientists, climatologists and weathermen are exclaiming we are racing towards a “Space Age record for cold”.

“Research studies are these days (improperly) designed to accomplish the affirmation of the hypothesized outcome, as opposed to examining the truth of a hypothesis,” writes Doug Casey.

Manmade global warming believers have been shouting from every rooftop that we have been passing through the warmest climate in modern times but the facts, the kind that physicists pay attention to, imply that we are getting colder, so cold that winter has already arrived in many places with the snow to prove it. In the section further below is some hard science, the latest from NASA’s Langley Research Center. There is cause for alarm as we see it is getting dramatically colder fast in the outmost reaches of the atmosphere as well as on the surface.

At the end of October, we read these headlines: Record early opening for New Hampshire ski resort! Earliest opening ever at Vermont Ski Area. Winter conditions in Norway. Heavy snow brings traffic chaos in Finland. Winter conditions are prevailing; see video of Turkey already buried in snow. Winter arrived in Scotland. Spain winter starting like last winter, the worst in about 100 years. We even have snow in Morocco, two months early and in Algeria snowfall was so heavy that the Army intervened to provide assistance in snow removal. blocked roads and tracks and in northern Italy tourists are already trapped by record snow.

Winter actually started to touch the northern hemisphere in September when we saw the Netherlands had their Coldest September night in 47 years on 16 September. Temperature at weather station near Enschede dropped to -1.5 degrees. It has not been that cold in September since 1971. We had record cold in Poland where it was minus 7.9, on the 25th of September. “But if there was no fog, it would even have minus 11,” wrote meteorologist Arnold Jakubczyk.

Winter came in force at the end of September in the Rocky Mountains. In Germany – Coldest September morning since weather records began! In Zwiesel in the Bavarian Forest, the old record was minus 1.7 degrees, in the previous night there were minus 2.6 C degrees. Also, in Nuremberg it was -5 C, the coldest on any September 26th ever recorded!

Harvesting wheat in North Dakota – 10 Oct 2018

Record early snowfall in Kansas City

Record early snowfall in Kansas City was reported on the 15th of October where is was the earliest snowfall in at least 120 years, since 1898. Most snow in 15 years in October and the month was only half over and record cold smashes into the 35F below normal category in Texas and Northern Mexico. Cold all the way into Mexico on the 16th of October. “High temperature of 50°F (at midnight) in Dallas-Fort Worth is really sad, says meteorologist Dr Ryan Maue. “It’s also a super record … Coldest daytime high on record for any day up until October 20th.” It was the chilliest so early in the season by a full week (besting Oct 22, 1936.)

Not only in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Kansas City, widespread record lows were recorded both Monday and Tuesday across the western half of the country. The cold extended all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, bringing the coldest day on record, or close to it, to much of the Plains.

Ian Livingston for the Washington Post wrote, “Widespread lows in the teens and 20s have been common at low elevations, dipping to the single digits to near zero in the high terrain. A large section of the region has seen temperatures running 12 to 20 degrees below normal over the past week. The past two days have been as cold as any on record – or the coldest on record – for this time of year from Montana through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado, across much of the southern Plains and into Texas.” Just what we would expect to hear in a dangerously warming world.

What do the Real Scientist Say

We have heard a hundred times how 97 percent of scientists believe in manmade global warming, but physicists know “Votes don’t count in science. There is no “extensive evidence” except repetition of invalid claims,” says Dr. Edwin Berry, who happens to have a Ph.D. in Physics. He, like other scientists, look down their noses at the insistence that global warming is caused by CO2 emissions, which it is not and that is made especially evident because it is cooling not warming despite the increased parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. T

Dr. Tony Phillips explains scientifically why we are facing global cooling instead of global warming: “The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age. Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018, and the sun’s ultraviolet output has sharply dropped. New research shows that Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding.” “We see a cooling trend,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.”

“The thermosphere always cools off during Solar Minimum. It’s one of the most important ways the solar cycle affects our planet,” explains Mlynczak, who is the associate principal investigator for SABER. When the thermosphere cools, it shrinks, literally decreasing the radius of Earth’s atmosphere.

UK set to have coldest Halloween in 100 years. -5C with snow predicted. Odds have been slashed from 7/2 to just 3/1 on this season being a record-breaking winter.

However, the latest global warming propaganda reads: “Nearly every day, peer-reviewed studies on global warming warn that deadly impacts will come sooner and hit harder than once thought. Virtually none, however, suggest that previous predictions of future heatwaves, droughts, storms, floods or rising seas were overblown.” How many peer-reviewed pharmaceutical studies do we have telling us that toxic drugs are good for your health?

People and politicians who believe in manmade global warming do not include the sun in their calculations nor the voices of scientists that just don’t roll over and play dead like idiots. Climate warming believers will not listen to NASA or any source that hints that manmade global warming is a fantasy. However, we cannot blame people for not paying too much attention to NASA since they are not the most coherent organization in the world.

If you look on NASA’s site, you will see a page that says the sun’s conveyer belt is speeded up but in 2006, on another page they said:

see caption

The Sun’s Great Conveyor Belt slowed to a record-low crawl, according to research by NASA solar physicist David Hathaway. “It’s off the bottom of the charts,” he said. “This has important repercussions for future solar activity.”

The Great Conveyor Belt is a massive circulating current of fire (hot plasma) within the Sun. It has two branches, north and south, each taking about 40 years to perform one complete circuit. Researchers believe the turning of the belt controls the sunspot cycle, and that’s why the slowdown is important.

“Normally, the conveyor belt moves about 1 meter per second—walking pace,” says Hathaway. “That’s how it has been since the late 19th century.” In recent years, however, the belt has decelerated to 0.75 m/s in the north and 0.35 m/s in the south. “We’ve never seen speeds so low.”

According to theory and observation, the speed of the belt foretells the intensity of sunspot activity ~20 years in the future. A slow belt means lower solar activity; a fast belt means stronger activity. “The slowdown we see now means that Solar Cycle 25, peaking around the year 2022, could be one of the weakest in centuries,” says Hathaway. Here we are at a peak period in Solar Cycle 24 and the sun is quiet but it’s going to get a lot quieter and a lot colder.

“The sun is headed for a very rare, super-cooling period that threatens to topple civilization itself as it has throughout history roughly following a 300-year cycle,” writes Martin Armstrong. Yet we read in Rolling Stone magazine that one of the leading climate scientists of our time is warning of the horrifying possibility of 15-to-20 feet of sea-level rise.

A major new climate report slams the door on wishful thinking

The IPCC, the most corrupt scientific organization in the history of mankind says, that even the most optimistic scenario for climate change is dire. This is true yet its not global warming that is threatening modern civilization it is plunging world temperatures. This small group of scientists was established by the United Nations; however, some politicians are already poking fun at them saying:

“They might as well be calling on me to sprout wings and fly to Canada for the summer,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), a climate change skeptic, said of the actions urged by the report. “It’s totally unrealistic,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said. “They must have parachuted in from another planet.

India – Farmers suffer massive destruction due to heavy snowfall. Untimely heavy snowfall badly damages apple orchards. Also, cauliflower, cabbage and potato were ready for harvesting but heavy snowfall covered the entire district.

The actual figure of “97% refers only to climate scientists who are actively publishing in scientific journalsabout manmade global warming—which is ending up to be nothing more than a massive collective hallucination.

Unseasonable cold delays western Manitoba harvest – Losses in the millions. “The cereal crops have been hit the hardest, with wheat, barley and oats all suffering. The brutally cold and snowy weather that hit Manitoba during harvest time will likely cost farmers millions of dollars, according to Keystone Agricultural Producers.” “When we start adding the acres and what the potential loss is, you know, this could get into the millions easily,” warned farm policy and lobby organisation president Bill Campbell.

Record-breaking cold and snowfall across B.C. According to Environment Canada, B.C. broke 39 cold-weather records Wednesday the 10th of October. In Clinton, the temperature on Wednesday plunged to -14.2ºC, “smashing the old mark of -5 set in 2012.” In Prince George, the mercury dipped -12.1ºC, breaking the old record of -9.4 set in 1950.

Canada: sea ice prevents crucial supply deliveries to isolated communities

Paulatuk, Kugluktuk and Cambridge Bay were unable to receive shipments of food, fuel and lumber. How come all these cold stories are not seen in the manmade global warming press? How come we are seeing ice so extreme even icebreakers couldn’t get through? The ice has been described by officials as “extreme.” Even the Canadian coast guard’s largest icebreaker in the region – the Louis St Laurent – was unable to help break open a channel for the barges. In Paulatuk, the shelves of the grocery store are quickly becoming bare as non-perishable items like flour quickly disappear.

Heavy snowfall further hampers already delayed harvest in Alberta

“Snowing here in southern Alberta (again…still) and today’s high will be 0°C which is 16 degrees C below average!! That’s 29 F degrees BELOW average! Harvest across Alberta is way behind. “Based on annual averages over the last five years, approximately 80 per cent of crops should have been harvested by this time. This year, only 40 per cent of harvesting has been completed.”


It is interesting to see how deep the rabbit hole goes with climate change. New York state’s attorney general filed a lawsuit against ExxonMobil, alleging the oil giant misled investors regarding the financial risk it faces from climate change. Scientists want a Manhattan style project to created giant machines to suck CO2 from the atmosphere, and psychologists are reporting that people are freaking out over climate change.

Though it is true that we are suffering from climate change most of the suffering being caused is media generated. The mainstream media and the elite that own all the broadcast channels have been twisting the collective consciousness of humanity with self-serving lies. When the cold and snow records can not longer be hidden, and humanity discovers the deceit, there will be an incredible unwinding just like there promises to be soon in financial markets.

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