Violent Climate Change is Wet and Cold

Many Democrats and die hard climate change fanatics would have man-made global warming deniers locked up. And if they cannot do that then at least we should have a revolution. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders rallied support for the Green New Deal, with the New York congresswoman saying there should be “no middle ground” when it comes to climate change and the Vermont senator calling for a political revolution. And yes, Cortez is still saying that the world is going to end in 12 years if we do not address climate change (man-made global warming.) The BBC loves Cortez’s ideas and publishes titles like ‘Final call to save the world from ‘climate catastrophe.’

She (AOC) will lead the Democratic party down a hole because she really does not know what she is talking about. She is not grounded in reality. However the media loves her. But we do have many serious problems that our globe cannot cope with any longer. Just too much plastic, heavy metals, chemicals and radiation poisoning our beautiful world. With 5G we will get it over and done with more quickly. With our current politicians, even quicker! Instead of reducing CO2 it would be better if we reduce the number of politicians in the world for they are more corrupt than we would ever believe.

It is the middle of May and things are looking more like winter than spring. Winter apparently is not finished with parts of the Northeast, nor the West or Europe. In many places around the northern hemisphere its the latest start of spring on record. Cold air coming in from Canada is likely to cause a mix of snow and rain in higher elevations of New Hampshire, Vermont and much of northern Maine by the 14th of May, CNN meteorologist Gene Norman said. That means we will have have had 9 months of winter weather in some parts of the United States as well as in Europe and Russia. (See below.)

On the 15th of May we read a potent, winter-like storm is poised to slam into the western USA, bringing several feet of snow to the Sierra and soaking rain to coastal and valley areas. A dangerous stretch of severe weather is forecast to wallop 18 states in the central USA over the next several days and into next week. In the Sierra, “total snow accumulations of 12 to 18 inches, with localized amounts up to 35 inches, are expected,” the National Weather Service in Sacramento said. Also on the 15th a foot of snow for New Hampshire and heavy snowfall and cold in Corsica, Bosnia and Croatia. Portions of Washington and Oregon saw the latest spring start on record, while parts of Kansas and Oklahom saw the latest arrival of spring in 38 years, says

A Cold Wet Reality

The problem is its not getting warmer—its getting colder and that is already affecting the agricultural sector. It is not just cooling temperatures, we also have record breaking precipitation that is flooding huge areas of the United States farm belt. Its the cold and wet weather combined that is threatening us, not in some far off future but this year. Bad weather in the American breadbasket portend rising food prices and less food to export to the hungry corners of the world.

The headline reads: ‘Farmageddon Looms: Only 30% Of US Corn Fields Have Been Planted, 5 Year Average Is 66%.’ Michael Snyder writes, “2019 is turning out to be a nightmare that never ends for the agriculture industry. Thanks to endless rain and unprecedented flooding, fields all over the middle part of the country are absolutely soaked right now, and this has prevented many farmers from getting their crops in the ground. In addition, for every day after May 15th that corn is not in the ground, farmers lose approximately 2 percent of their yield. Unfortunately, more rain is on the way, and it looks like thousands of corn farmers will not be able to plant corn at all this year. It is no exaggeration to say that what we are facing is a true national catastrophe.”

The excessive rains in many parts of the US this week come just as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released data showing the last 12 months have been the wettest in recorded history for the Lower 48 states.” We do have intense climate change with the gathering Grand Solar Minimum working to increase cosmic ray penetration of our atmosphere, which seeds clouds and increases precipitation.

Also at times of solar minimums jets streams become more erratic, which drives climate extremes. Thus we see Houston bracing itself for more flooding; Louisiana declaring a state of emergency. New records predicted in inland Mississippi flooding. The lingering flooding makes it unlikely that farmers will plant any summer crops on hundreds of thousands of acres in the south end of Mississippi’s Delta region. It also explains record heat near the Arctic Circle in Russia. But we recently had record cold on the Scandinavian Peninsula breaking records set in 1941.

Did you know that France just experienced its lowest May temperature in two centuries?

Temperatures have collapsed over the whole of France following the influx of arctic air and, on May 6th, set cold records at numerous locations. In Romorantin, 85 meters above sea level in the Loire, a famous producer of grapes for white wine, the temperature collapsed to a dangerous (geoengeeringfor vines) of -3.8 ° C.

A significant Arctic blast is affecting almost entire Europe and parts of northern Africa. Some regions are dealing with heavy snow, below-freezing temperatures and late-season frost. Temperatures plunged close to and below zero in many places, with many record low temperatures reported. Another blast of cold expected from May 11 to 18.

Temperatures plunged as far south as southern Italy. Global warming is on hold for the rest of our lifetimes and even those of our children. No telling how long the deep freeze will last but we do know that the Grand Solar Minimum is just starting. We can expect climate chaos but not warming.

Putting this Winter’s Weather into Perspective

It has been a long cold winter, nothing like we would expect from one of the warmest years in modern times. Lets go back to last September, to the end of summer when we already had snow in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming in August. Turkey was also hit by summer snowfall. We also had record cold in Australia on the 29th of August. We had record-breaking cold in northern Minnesota in early September where the temperature plunged to 28°F (-2°C) in International Falls, breaking the previous record for the date of 31°F (-0.5°C). It fell to 29°F (-1.6°C) in Hibbing, breaking the previous low of 33°F (0.5°C).

We had record early opening for a New Hampshire ski resort! Earliest opening ever at Vermont Ski Area. Winter actually started to touch the northern hemisphere in September when we saw the Netherlands had their Coldest September night in 47 years on 16 September. Temperature at weather station near Enschede dropped to -1.5 degrees. It has not been that cold in September since 1971. We had record cold in Poland where it was minus 7.9, on the 25th of September. “But if there was no fog, it would even have minus 11,” wrote meteorologist Arnold Jakubczyk.

Winter came in force at the end of September in the Rocky Mountains. In Germany – Coldest September morning since weather records began! In Zwiesel in the Bavarian Forest, the old record was minus 1.7 degrees, in the previous night there were minus 2.6 C degrees. Also, in Nuremberg it was -5 C, the coldest on any September 26th ever recorded!

Winter was 42 days away and we had minus 17F in Montana – Minus 15F in North Dakota. That’s -27.2°C and -26.1°C respectively. In Russia Siberian temps plunged to -40°C(-40°F) below the norm by 13–16 degrees.

On the 16th of November a fall snowstorm wreaked havoc on the East Coast, stranding New York City commuters, canceling more than 7,000 flights, knocking out power to more than 300,000 residents and forcing children to stay at school overnight.


None of this information will make a difference to the Democratic party and to anyone else blinded by the global warming propaganda machine. However, there is no doubt that violent climate change is already upon us. There is no fixing the situation, no power on earth can change what is happening on the sun. It is an absolute disaster what the fabric of lies is doing to everything from politics to farming to human consciousness itself. Instead of doing something that is within our control, like stopping the massive poisoning of our planet the powers that be would have us all focus on the fantasy of man-made global warming and CO2 as the ultimate evil gas.

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