Democrats Burning Books that Dispute Global Warming

Three senior House Democrats went over the deep end on Monday and asked U.S. teachers to destroy a book written by climate scientists challenging the environmentalist view of global warming. Democratic Reps. Bobby Scott of the Committee on Education, Raúl M. Grijalva of the Committee on Natural Resources, and Eddie Bernice Johnson of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology all issued a statement that let the world know that they have lost their minds.

“Public school classrooms are no place for anti-science propaganda, and I encourage every teacher to toss these materials in the recycling bin,” Scott said. Keeping with the anti-science propaganda of ex-president Obama, we now know that Democrats will stop at nothing to promote absurdity wherever they can. The book’s three authors all hold doctorates and taught climate or related science at the university level.

Democrats are looking for disgrace while showing how low America is sinking under Democratic thinking. Meanwhile it is spring and though Democrats would have us believe we are living through record heat, a trip around the globe tells a different story. Everybody can remember the Titanic and the icebergs that plagued her and tonight there are record amounts of them in the same general area and ships are having to go around. Do not go up to Newfoundland, certainly not out to sea just so you can be stuck in meter foot thick ice.

Much of the ice near St. John’s and along the island’s eastern shore is more than four feet thick, said Rebecca Acton-Bond, acting superintendent of ice operations for the Canadian Coast Guard.

It does not matter what is really happening in the world, whether it is the weather or the Russians Democrats are out front with deception. We have years and even centuries of evidence that imply that our earth is facing global cooling for the next few decades. Attacking ideas without looking carefully is crazy, which is what Democrats do all the time. Attacking evidence without study is a psychological hallmark of fascism. Making up evidence to suit evil purposes is criminal.

Warmest Year Ever?

Sure, it is the warmest year on record, but tell the world why in Siberia, in springtime, why instead of melting, the snow is thickening. Why in spring are boats in Canada still getting stuck in the ice? Why is Newfoundland being buried under mountains of snow in a spring blizzard so strong that it is up to the rooftops? Added to what was already on the ground, this brings total seasonal snowfall in Gander Canada to a record 238 cm (93.7 inches), shattering the province’s previous record of 174 cm (68.5 inches) set in 2004.

When will the Democrats just give up and admit they are wrong? This is exactly their pathology of being. It is impossible for them to admit they are wrong. What else can we do but diagnose these Democratic leaders as out of their frigging minds. They have no heart for science or love of truth.

The first day of spring was two weeks ago, but winter is far from over in Newfoundland. A powerful storm swept across the province this week, and another 75 centimetres of snow is expected by Tuesday evening. Over 97 centimetres was dumped on Gander over the weekend. To put that number in context, Toronto saw 81 centimetres of snow over the entire winter, according to The Weather Network.

We do not see the global warming politicians or media showing how winter like it still is in spring in Canada or Siberia. Why not? What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? NASA has admitted that there is a link between the solar climate and the earth climate but Democrats ignore the sun pretending it does not exist as a factor that governs our lives down here on planet earth. Doctors have warned people to stay out of the sun but Democrats have taken that advice to an extreme.

Not convinced?

Boston – Coldest December 16 in 133 years

Greenland Ice Sheet growing like crazy

German meteorologists say that the start of 2013 is now the coldest in 208 years

NASA says that CO2 is a coolant not a warming gas.

Scientists are watching the sun take a nosedive in activity

On August 17 the mercury in the Netherlands dropped to 0 degrees.

Sun’s conveyor belt is slowing down. Weak solar activity, the weakest in two-hundred years. NASA has reported: “Indeed, the sun could be on the threshold of a mini-Maunder event right now.”

Both satellite and NASA datasets show that rapid cooling is underway.

Several parts of Sweden, including the southern region Götaland and eastern Svealand, will have experienced the coldest December in at least 110 years.

We had the first freezing temperature ever recorded for the month of August in Casper Wyoming.

The Black Sea froze for first time in 62 years.

Only a Democrat would translate all this information into global warming. Are they that dumb? Scientists and weathermen are almost unanimous in seeing cooling yet naïve brains believe Democrats, and their elite controlled press, when they just say magic funny words like, “The vast majority of scientists believe”. Only Democrats and their fantasy scientists, who are nowhere to be seen or heard from, insist that global warming is a dangerous hazard that we must plan for.


If you prefer fake news, fake data, and a fake narratives join the Democratic Party. If you like to believe in anything you are told, join the Democratic Party. If you are for globalization, multiculturalism, and the end of democracy on a worldwide level join the Democratic Party. If you want to pretend it is getting warmer and pretend the sun has nothing to do with climate change, join the Democratic Party. If you want to fantasize about CO2 as anything other than a healthy gas we could use more of, join. If you want to believe that Islam is a sweet heart religion that loves women, gays and infidels, join. If you hate science and open discussion certainly, join. If the last thing you want to do is listen to anything you do not agree with you came to the right place.

I doubt if any of the following are Democrats:

In today’s Democrat influenced world, science is created out of thin air just by saying something. Obama did not know what he is talking about when he says 99.5 percent of scientists in the world say this is a really urgent problem. Here is a list of 169 scientists who challenge the political propaganda on global warming. In addition, here is a list 31,487 American scientists, including 9,029 with PhDs, who also challenge the global warming scenario.

Yet we see semi hysterical essays on global warming coming out every week. The latest starts with these words:

Carbon dioxide concentrations are heading towards values not seen in the past 200m years. The sun has also been gradually getting stronger over time. Put together, these facts mean the climate may be heading towards warmth not seen in the past half a billion years.

Anyone who is still confused about what is going on with our climate should look up these simple facts. Try to find a scientist who is saying the sun is getting stronger. You will not find one since solar activity is dropping off. In addition, the hysteria about CO2, actually the amount in the air is quite low though it is heading very slowly up.

The difference between reason and make believe La La land about climate science is that rational people are not afraid to look at both sides of the story. Try to find a global warming essay that mentions the truth about solar activity. Humans are capable of believing in anything, it really does not matter that much to people what is true and what is make up and believe in fantasy, religion has taught us that.

Willingness to be wrong is the key to sanity. People are cut off from reality for the simple reason they hate to be wrong not understanding that they get to be right when they admit they are wrong. It would be wonderful to be wrong about the cooling and the mini ice age that seems to be headed our way but for the life of me, I cannot find any evidence except that some people and institutions are screaming out what they want us to believe true or not.

After note: While attacking Democrats it is important to note that Republicans, though they might have their feet closer to the ground, they are being led by a new president who just might take us to war, which could easily go nuclear and kill us all so perhaps climate change is not such an important issue.


  • Mark Sircus says:

    four institutions, the Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos (PMOD), the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), ETH Zurich and the University of Bern, all have come out admitting that the sun dominates the earth’s climate.They also admit that burning fossil fuels is less important than computer models first suggested. They even refer to previous times in history when abrupt climate change was brought on by the sun.According to their calculations, it is going to cool from now until at least 2040.

  • easyout says:

    Finally with Trump we’re going to put this global warming nightmare to bed. The Dems and the liberal left, globalists, elites are all going away but it will take a little time. They’ve had a chance to get their fingers into everything, like implanting their people in every agency in the US and abroad, but the tide has to change. In nature, you can only go so far in Yin or Yang, or unbalanced position and then you have to merge slowly back towards center and that’s what we’re doing. From a time of excess and liberalism back towards center and who knows how far it will go back towards conservatism.

  • JimPas says:

    I went to the 2nd link listed in the article under the phrase, “Not convinced?” and reading the entire webpage, the last sentence of the second last paragraph says the following:
    “As mentioned, satellites measuring the ice sheet mass have observed a loss of around 200 Gt/year over the last decade.
    Greenland Climate Research Centre collaborates with DMI on research in both atmospheric impact on the Greenland Ice Sheet and the ice flow itself and its interaction with the rest of the climate system.”
    So what they are saying is that over the last decade, there has been an observed loss of about 2000 Gt (giga-tonnes) from the ice sheet! Just because there may have been a month or several months where the ice sheet gained some mass, over the course of time it has been steadily declining. One can’t “cherry pick” ones data and have it hold water – or ice!

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