Climate Change is Real

“Mr. Trump: You are threatening the lives of our children and grandchildren,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wrote on Twitter. “We will fight you every step of the way.”

“This is an all-out assault on the protections we need to avert climate catastrophe,” Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, said in a statement. “It’s a senseless betrayal of our national interests. And it’s a shortsighted attempt to undermine American clean energy leadership.”

Perhaps Trump really is not president after all. Hard to imagine a president allowing such lies and accusations of betrayal to be broadcast without severe and immediate repercussions. President Trump has slammed global warming as an elaborate hoax and forced the United Nations to stop making it compulsory for nations to contribute funding to global climate change programs. “We consider that to be a waste of (Americans’) money.”

President Trump is more than right and the American press are so wrong that they have dug themselves into the newly gained label or distinction of being called FAKE news. They certainly are on the wrong side of the global climate change story—and there will be hell to pay for it. Certainly humiliation.

We humans happen to like warm temperatures and so does agriculture, but the recent reports from around the world are indicating strange global climate phenomena, which reflect a rapidly changing climate, which make global warming into a wishful dream. So what is really going on?

Recent Climate News (Not FAKE)

Image result for Greenland Icesheet expanding

We hear repeatedly about Artic sea ice in retreat, and that is true but not dramatically so, but as we see below the Greenland ice sheet is expanding rapidly. The Polar Vortex is shifting and the Polar ice sheet is shifting away from Canada and moving toward Siberia because of magnetic pole shifts.

One look at the above chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute shows that Greenland is gaining a significant amount of ice and that is obviously not because of record warm temperatures.

On the morning of 4 Mar 2017, the temperature dropped to -66°F (-54C) at Mould Bay on Prince Patrick Island in Canada setting a new all-time record low for the area. Not just for the date mind you, but the coldest ever in Mould Bay. The previous record of -65°F in Mould Bay was set in 1967 and 1987.

The record-breaking cold at Mould Bay came close to being an all-time record low for all of Canada’s high Arctic region (north of 70°N). According to GHCN data, only two locations, Eureka and Lake Hazen (both on Ellesmere Island) have been colder, at -68°F and -69°F respectively.

“If you look at the low for the day, it was -38, but it had warmed up — using the term “warm” loosely — to -19.” Since Iditarod Alaska started measurements in 1973 that was the coldest start by a wide margin. Just two days before spring, we had wind chills near -55 C (-67 F) in Canada.

It is terrible to lie about the weather, to convince half of humanity that we are facing danger through global warming even though we are actually facing global cooling because the sun is going through some down time. Just as they hid the truth about 9-11 they hide the fact that the sun is what warms and cools the earth more than any other factor though there are other factors. House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith said during a recent hearing that NOAA “has deceived the American people by falsifying data to justify a partisan agenda. So again, why would president Trump allow the deception to get any airtime?

Obama dreamed of playing golf at the North Pole where he believes things are getting truly warm. Meanwhile we have record cold as far south as tropical Bermuda. The narrative of global warming does not make sense, never did really. The widening gap between “definitive” claims and actual evidence is dooming global warming, as is the hard reality that CO2 is not the demon element. It is a plant and human friendly gas that makes life better not worse.

Obama and the federal government has said that 97 percent of scientists are on board the global warming hoax yet more than 300 scientists have urged President Trump to withdraw from the U.N.’s climate change agency, warning that its push to curtail carbon dioxide threatens to exacerbate poverty without improving the environment. In a letter to the president, MIT professor emeritus Richard Lindzen called on the United States and other nations to “change course on an outdated international agreement that targets minor greenhouse gases,” starting with carbon dioxide.

For all the naïve out there who swallowed the lies of global warming and the daft assertion about 97 percent of scientists listen to these two who seem to know a thing or two.

More CO2 would actually help the planet, says Professor William Happer of Princeton University. CO2 can actually be beneficial to an ecosystem rather than a burden to it.

Ian Plimer, twice winner of Australia’s highest scientific honor, the Eureka Prize, is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, and professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. He has published more than 120 scientific papers, six books written for the public and is one of the co-editors of Encyclopedia of Geology.

Two weeks ago, temperatures dipped to record lows and now South Carolina peach farmers face the worst crop damage they have seen in ten years. Strawberries and blueberries were among other crops damaged during the freeze. The freezing temperatures last week killed 85 to 90% of South Carolina’s peach crop. Had farmers dreaming of global warming.

Elite controlled newspapers like the Guardian continue to ignore the sun, the weather and anything and everything that indicates that the radical climate change that the world is experiencing is sun driven, which is driving us to a new mini ice age. Everything is pointing to cooling climate change but since global warming is an elite driven agenda, they do not give up and will not give up even if hell freezes over.

Getting it all Wrong

Geoengineering researcher Dane Wigington says the number one threat facing humanity is extreme weather modification (being sold as a mitigation measure) to cool the planet. It’s being done by geoengineering (commonly known as chemtrails). No one less that the head of the CIA admits this is exactly what they are doing it for.

The FAKE scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that, despite global side effects and long-term consequences, geoengineering techniques involving solar radiation management (SRM) should be maintained. “If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.”

In a cooling world, they are cooling the world more meaning poisoning everyone on earth for something that is not happening. How is that for a new manifestation of human insanity? It is called global warming insanity and it is a widespread belief disease.

There are those who believe that the single greatest assault on Earth’s natural systems at this time is climate engineering, which is being done for reasons that do not exist or for even more sinister reasons.

Special Note: The New York Times is accused for being FAKE about the no-go zones in Europe, places where the police dare not go because they are controlled by Muslims. Fjordman, a Norwegian historian and expert on Europe, Islam and multiculturalism said, “It is an indisputable fact that a number of areas exist in several Western European countries where criminal ethnic gangs dominate the streets and where even the police find it very difficult to walk in safety. The number and size of these areas, fueled by mass immigration, seems to be growing.”

They love to lie. They lie about everything with a straight face. Do not believe the lies.

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