Climate Change – Treason against Humanity

Treason against humanity, that’s what the climate change manmade global warming scam is all about. Those foolish enough to believe in their government and in the press are taken in to the treason. This treason will end up with uncountable people freezing to death because everyone is being led to prepare for warming instead of the cold.

The frozen woolly mammoths discovered in Russia completely frozen and intact with plants still in their stomachs have long made many ponder just how fast the planet can freeze. We can see by the rapidly increasing cold and record-breaking snow falls that we should be worried and planning for a bone chilling future.

Today about 2 in 3 Americans say fabricated news stories cause a great deal of confusion about the basic facts and realities of life yet more than 8 in 10 feel confident that they can recognize news that is fabricated. Politicians, their elite backers and the media chose the wrong subject to lie about when it comes to climate change. Nature is striking back and there will be hell to pay because the cold is getting colder and the lies are getting bigger. Even thermometers can’t keep up with the plunging temperatures in Russia so imagine the fabricators of global warming how far they have to stretch their necks out to keep up with the cold.

Almost all the graphs we look at point to a large-scale betrayal of mankind with global warming lies, which will hit the masses where it hurts most, in their stomachs and in their pockets as they end up having to pay through the nose to keep warm.

Reports are piling up of major hits to agriculture. Fruit, vegetable prices surge as blizzards cut off roads, damage crops after record snowfall paralyzed parts of the country. In China, “More than 45,000 acres of fruit trees, tea farms as well as greenhouses for vegetable have been damaged by freezing rains and snow,” the Ministry of Agriculture said, adding that wheat planting could be delayed due to the cold weather. In northern Shanxi province, greenhouses for vegetables collapsed under the weight of snow, footage on state television showed on Sunday.

In this photo taken on Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018, Anastasia Gruzdeva poses for selfie as the Temperature dropped to about -50 degrees (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) in Yakutsk, Russia. Temperatures in the remote, diamond-rich Russian region of Yakutia have dropped to near-record lows, plunging to -67 degrees Centigrade (-88.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in some areas. ( photo via AP)

The headlines about what is happening in Russia read: EVEN THE EYE LASHES FREEZE, RUSSIA SEES MINUS 88.6 DEGREES F (MINUS 67 DEGREES C). Over the weekend there, two men froze to death when they tried to walk to a nearby farm after their car broke down. Three other men with them survived because they were wearing warmer clothes, investigators reported.


Meanwhile it snowed 16 inches in the Sahara Desert near the town Ain Sefra in Algeria. In Morocco, according to the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, 37 roads became impassable, 26 of which were re-opened but 11 are still closed. Almost 8 feet of snow in 48 hours in the Alps.

Bangladesh hit by Coldest Temperatures Ever

Bangladesh hit by coldest temperatures ever

Temperatures in parts normally warmer Bangladesh dropped to 2.6 °C (36.7 °F) on Monday, January 8, 2018. At least 12 people, including 6 children, died of cold-related ailments in just 4 days. “It is the lowest temperature since authorities started keeping records in 1948,” Shamsuddin Ahmed, head of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), told AFP. The previous record low of 2.8 °C (37 °F) was recorded in 1968, he added.

On January 6, Worcester, Massachusetts, reported record snowfall of 16.8 inches (42.7 cm), far surpassing the city’s previous record for the date of 9.8 inches (25 cm) set in 1994. Also on January 6, the high temperature in Worcester reached just 6F (-14.4C), tying the previous record for this date set in 1896. At the end of the first week of January we had record lows from Richmond, VA to Boston, MA.

The craziness around global warming has no limit. As the temperatures drop the New York City government is attempting to shift the costs of bracing the city for climate change (manmade global warming) onto the world’s five largest publicly traded oil companies, which it claims “have done nearly all they could to create this existential threat.”

The Hudson River. “Ice, ice, ice, as far as the eye can see.” I remember, before global warming became the story it is today the Hudson freezing over. That was over fifty years ago and now that we have record hot temperatures it has frozen over again.

On the Great Lakes we see a dramatic change of ice cover at the end of the first week of January. The abnormally cold air isn’t only freezing us. It’s causing ice cover on the Great Lakes to expand rapidly. All of the Great Lakes have more than double the amount of ice cover today than the long term average, with the exception of Lake Superior.

2018 – 30%

2017 – 9%

2016 – 2%

Moving much further south we see that in normally warm Mexico the Secretariat of Civil Protection of Mexico City activated the red alert for six districts; Álvaro Obregón, Cuajimalpa, Magdalena Contreras, Milpa Alta, Tláhuac and Tlalpan, where temperatures will drop to between -1 and -4 degrees Celsius. The Secretariat issued an orange alert for the other 10, for the districts Azcapotzalco, Benito Juárez, Coyoacán, Cuauhtémoc, Gustavo A. Madero, Iztacalco, Iztapalapa, Miguel Hidalgo, Venustiano Carranza and Xochimilco, where temperatures are expected to range from 0 to 3 degrees Celsius, so he urged the population to take precautions.

Sure, looks like there is a warming trend! It is getting colder fast though the trend was obvious for almost 10 years except for people, presidents and Popes who have no idea how to look at things carefully. Humanity in general has a problem with listening and that extends to not only listening to the people in our lives but to scientists and events which speak for themselves.

Looking Carefully at how the Media Lies

The Independent in the United Kingdom writes, “As bitter cold continues to grip much of North America and helps spawn the fierce storm along the East Coast, the question arises: What’s the influence of climate change? Some scientists studying the connection between climate change and cold spells, which occur when arctic air dips south, say that they may be related. But the importance of the relationship is not fully clear yet.”

Record cold obviously represents a change in climate. The earth’s climate is always changing day by day, year by year and century by century. We have seen throughout earth’s history dramatic changes in climate. Modern day rip off artists have changed the meaning of climate and its normal and natural changes by redefining climate change to mean man made global warming. Armstrong Economics puts it this way, “When the weather goes against Global Warming, they flip it into volatility and claim cold is now the by-product of Global Warming.”

The Independent goes on to say, “The reason a direct connection between cold weather and global warming is still up for debate, scientists say, is that there are many other factors involved. Ocean temperatures in the tropics, soil moisture, snow cover, even the long-term natural variability of large ocean systems all can influence the jet stream.” Notice that they say nothing about the sun, which holds the most powerful influence over the earth’s climate.


The more desperate the liberal democrats become to sell their climate agenda to the American people, the more strange and nonsensical their arguments become. We might as well call the Democrats the hate party for they hate anyone who disagrees with them and their taller than skyscraper lies over the weather or anything else for that matter. Nature has her own plans for those who turn their backs on truth. The elite rich, who are of course behind the major themes being presented to the public, should be afraid, not only for the financial ruin they are enacting on the world but for their scam against the realities of Nature.


  • Janine Rickard says:

    Climate change scientists, as far as I know, have for decades been saying that global warming will produce more extreme weather. There is nothing in your article that contradicts that. You must provide evidence that global warming is a hoax and you have not done so here. Obviously it makes sense to prepare for extreme heat, (you’d have to live under a rock not to have noticed how HOT the summers have been), extreme flooding, extreme fires, record hurricanes, tsunamis, mudslides, earthquakes, totalitarian takeover, nuclear and chemical warfare AND extreme cold. Right?

    • Xenia says:

      Dr. Sircus has been presenting proof about this for years and years. Why would he have to prove anything to you personally? If you come here and comment, then first read all his articles about this, so that you at least know what you are talking about. And since this is his blog and not yours, could you first prove that he is wrong? Because right now, I am not aware of anything that proves what you claim. And no, it does not make sense, at all, to prepare for the extreme heat.

      • Mark Sircus says:

        Thanks Xenia, and every single defense I see on Facebook or here are laced with religious type ignorance….its is almost always “yes but” which everyone should know that when anyone says that in real life it shows they are not listening because they do not want to listen. Ten years ago when I started looking at climate I waited a year before opening my mouth to make sure I was on the right side or the issue because my reputation would be at risk and that might hurt my good work in medicine. I think I published my first essay in 2009 and it really has been obvious who has been lying with the Pope and Obama at the top of the list. Now temperatures are literally crashing and this is only the beginning….early innings,

        • Paul Goldstein says:

          I disagree with you Mark and I question your reasons for why you are thinking the way you do. Simply pointing out areas that have experienced colder temperature doesn’t detract from the fact that the overall temperatures of earth are rising. In fact, even scientists confirm what you point out but that shouldn’t be the basis for refuting the facts. There are Nasa time lapse videos showing the temperature changes taking place. Have you seen them?

          • Mark Sircus says:

            Paul before you disagree why don’t you look into this and look past the pure propaganda on mainstream sites….read what real scientists and weathermen are saying not the paid up ones who have sold their souls…..And for questioning my reasons…how about truth….have studied this for ten years and the pattern is not only clear but getting alarming….but read my lips RECORD SHATTERING COLD DOES NOT MEAN WARMING…..the only reason I see for your post is an expression of laziness and an unwillingness to look at something you do not agree with…

          • Paul Goldstein says:

            Scientists at Nasa have sold their souls? What scientists are you basing your opinions on? Before calling someone lazy and unwilling you should post a source and see if they are willing to look at something. Calling people names like that in a discussion is a surprising way to engage in a conversation with someone with your background. I’m a physician and I’m as interested in truth as much as you. Unless I missed something the only basis you give for the idea that global warming is a hoax is the cold temperatures in various locations in the U.S. and in some locations around the world.

          • Mark Sircus says:

            Yes Paul you missed something, how about ten years of something….do a search on my site for climate and see about 70 or 80 essays….

          • Mark Sircus says:

            and yes even NASA said 10 years ago that the conveyor belts on the sun were slowing down…..leading to lower solar output….sorry for the names but on this subject people just fly open at the mouth not realizing they are spilling their guts out of their blind belief in the news media that has been playing the public for fools…so please read a bit before responding again…you can also find NASA saying CO2 is cooling effect in upper atmosphere… can read from astrophysics what they say about the sun and its present, future and past activity… I have said 100 times….all reports essays claims about manmade global warming ignore the sun…its a dead give away……and the best weathermen I know all believe in cooling, even the famous one who just died yesterday…

          • Janine Rickard says:

            Mark it simply isn’t true that climate scientists ignore the sun. You would be a terrible scientist if you did. Here is a blurb from Nasa written 10 years ago:
            “Over the past century, Earth’s average temperature has increased by approximately 0.6 degrees Celsius (1.1 degrees Fahrenheit). Solar heating accounts for about 0.15 C, or 25 percent, of this change, according to computer modeling results published by NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies researcher David Rind in 2004. Earth’s climate depends on the delicate balance between incoming solar radiation, outgoing thermal radiation and the composition of Earth’s atmosphere. Even small changes in these parameters can affect climate. Around 30 percent of the solar energy that strikes Earth is reflected back into space. Clouds, atmospheric aerosols, snow, ice, sand, ocean surface and even rooftops play a role in deflecting the incoming rays. The remaining 70 percent of solar energy is absorbed by land, ocean, and atmosphere.”
            Solar radiation variance is just one factor. I’m really surprised someone who has a grasp on biological complexity, seems to over-simplify climate science. Albedo appears to be a much bigger factor than the sun cycle, for just one example.

    • Rita Shimniok says:

      we have had some pretty crazy cool summers in Wisconsin these past few years. Not near the prolonged heat of the past…getting more difficult for tomatoes to ripen in the garden prior to frost

    • Jaye says:

      Well said Janine. It seems the global warming deniers don’t want to know or comment on the extreme summers we have been having, especially here in Australia.

      • betsyanne says:

        Sounds as though Al Snore has done his job well. Spreading fear. The weather changes every 5 minutes, Jaye, so what is your point? You need to look at long-term records to know what’s going to happen, you seem to live in the “now” only.

    • Cat says:

      Well just the name ” global warming” implies the whole world is in a continual warming trend. Here in the northeastern USA, we had a very cool summer and record cold this will term already, albeit a warm fall. Global climate change is more accurate and has different implications for political policy.

    • Mark Sircus says:

      Most climate scientists who have been talking up global warming are not scientists at all because they do not pay attention to the science…real science…one has to read up on astrophysics and what that field says about the sun. Biggest way to tell the absolute freud of global warming is they forget the sun even exists in their calculations…a sham…a lie and totally stupid

    • Antonio Jr Velasquez says:

      Janine Rickard

    • Dr Howard says:

      It’s not a question of global warming, true or false. The extremes suggest that something is happening, and it’s not too nice. There are a number of possible factors: Fact: There was a shift (about 10 degrees in the earth magnetic pole a few years back. Fact: The sun will be cooling for the next 30+ years, so we will be getting colder. Fact: The earth uses weather extremes to balance energy, and we get stuck in the middle of it. All the rest is speculation and name calling, which is a waste of time. We can get back to name calling sometime after the year 2050. So the question is what can we do now to help people?

      • Antonio Jr Velasquez says:

        Dr. Howard, any [unusual] global shift taking place is the direct result of new land mass being formed by undersea volcanic eruptions, and lately, satalite systems geo magnetic engineering, which has scientifically proven to be strategically placed in orbit around our planet to help protect Planet Earth against meteors and comets and/or hostile extraterrestrial invasion. What we can do responsibly for the ‘People’ being “The People” is lead by example and stop at nothing to very lawfully enforce the Rule of Law & Order from which — such compliance to the Eternal RULE — no one is exempt.

      • Janine Rickard says:

        Start with supporting the exciting wave of real progressive politicians who are trying to take over the Neo-liberal Democratic party. The Republicans are a totally lost cause, having sold their souls to the corporate elites and the Military Industrial Complex decades ago.

  • billy says:

    What is your view in using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide to combat illness

  • Trevor says:

    Well said Janine

  • stronghands 1 says:

    I am seriously considering adding extra insulation to my house, which already has good insulation for when it was built, several years ago. However, the prolonged cold here in the North Carolina area is eating up my lp gas and electricity. The summer of 2017 was cooler and we used the air conditioning less than previous years summers. YES, I have researched the SUN and the energy from the sun is diminishing. I must decide the payback ratio between paying for more LP gas and the cost of more insulation. The insulation should pay for itself if done properly. Thanks for the rant. BTW: There is so much proof if one will simply look with a research and not a jaundiced mind that the world is actually cooling. Unfortunately, uninformed global warming keyboard jockeys are just that: uninformed. And no, I would have to consider whether to give them a blanket to keep them warm. OR: is global warming scam to get rid of the poor, the elderly who cannot afford to keep warm? Just say’in…

    • Jeff Mogul says:

      spray foam insulation is a wonderful product , if applied properly you won’t burn much fuel .

      • stronghands 1 says:

        I asked about that. We have R 19 ceiling, R 19 walls, and insulation plus wrap under the house. Would have to remove the fiberglass insulation, and the expense would be terrible. Probably add insulation foam boards on the inside of the outside walls, losing a few inches of the inside room size. About the only thing we can do at this point.

  • Jaye says:

    You are forgetting the heat we are experiencing in Australia. Sydney temperatures soared to nearly 48 degrees a few weeks ago. And every year during summer records are being broken. Record temperatures are being broken all over the world whether it is summer or winter. Who cares if it is global warming or cooling. Something is going on.

  • Julia Dosby says:

    There were extremely hot summer and fall in Ontario followed by harsh winter time. Those debates will be endless unless we study a complexity of the whole system. I think that the oxygen/ozone content in air is dropping dramatically, planet microbiome is almost disappearing due to intensive spraying, chemtrails. Ocean degradation definitively affects on coral reefs causing hurricanes and climate/ temperature contrasts.

    • Fanni Anni Fig says:

      Kudos for mentioning the “intensive spraying”. I think it will soon come to be known how much the current weather manipulation, solar radiation management, and stratospheric aerosol injections have actually caused the extreme weather and ozone damage. The timing is more than a coincidence.

  • Antonio Jr Velasquez says:

    Although satalite sytems are a necessary technology that was scientifically put in place, ( only by the everlasting power of Omniscience—to say the least of the Greatest), the geomagnetic field of Planet Earth is obviously being ill affected by none than meager mere man. Man in their secret wickedness must know its limitations.

  • Prasad Murthy N. says:

    I’ve said this before here and I’ll say it again… For every place that has record low temperatures, there is at least one other place (on our planet!) that has record high temperatures. This means that weather patterns are getting polarized: hot gets hotter and cold gets colder. We must explain this phenomenon first before declaring that there is nothing called global warming.

    • Mark Sircus says:

      I really do not think that is quite the truth. Overall trend is down fast, and lately like the sinking Titanic…..investigate more and see

    • Mark Sircus says:

      And yes most fundamentalists say the same thing again and again… gets quite boring…and in your case not true……lets see you actually post a list of record highs…..I bet you a 100 bucks the record lows smash the list of highs….make it 200 bucks…don’t forget I have already in my pocket about 70 or80 essays on the subject with the history of records over the last 9 years

  • Mark Sircus says:

    Hard freeze warning for all of southeast Georgia, northeast and north central Florida overnight through mid-morning on Thursday. Lows in the 20s all areas except near 30 at the northeast Florida beaches.

  • Mark Sircus says:

    Record cold into the Deep South – At least 10 dead: The mercury dropped to record lows overnight in many parts of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. It dropped to 21F (-6C) in New Orleans, breaking the previous record of 23F (-5C), set in 1977. In Alabama, the thermometer dropped to 7F (-14 C) in rural Lamar County, and in Maryland, the weather service warned of wind chills down to -10F (-23C).

  • Karen Dahl says:

    Not true for Australia sorry. We are going to have a three day heatwave starting tomorrow with temperatures at 38 degree Centigrade and over. What I will grant you is that we are having a temperature shift. The Arctic is melting and is making the Northern Hemisphere colder. We do not have that problem is the southern hemisphere. Do you know that the weather patterns of the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere are almost entirely independent of each other? Also the southern hemisphere has a lot less land than the northern hemisphere. Our country is an island and we definitely have sea water which is about 1 degree C warmer than 20 years ago. It is possibly why our land temperature is also increasing by about that much.

    • Mark Sircus says:

      Sorry too! Melburnians woke up to temperatures of 19C (66.2F), below average for this time of year, said Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Stephen King.
      The forecast is for much the same on Sunday.
      “Temperatures will then warm up and are set to get as high as 38C on Thursday,” Mr King said.
      Snow has also been forecast for the alpine regions.

    • stronghands 1 says:

      Unfortunately, you are a victim of deliberate mid and dis information. You need to fact check very carefully before adding to the mis information that is being disseminated.
      A global warming expert has said the poles are not melting
      Dr Peiser, from the Global Warming Policy Foundation says that the poles are “much more stable” than climate scientists once predicted and could even be much thicker than previously thought.
      For years, scientists have suggested that both poles are melting at an alarming rate because of warming temperatures – dangerously raising the Earth’s sea levels while threatening the homes of Arctic and Antarctic animals.
      But the uncertainty surrounding climate change and the polar ice caps reached a new level this month when research suggested the ice in the Antarctic is actually growing.
      And there could even be evidence to suggest the polar bear population is not under threat.
      Ted Maksym, an oceanographer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, conducted a study in which he sent an underwater robot into the depths of the Antarctic sea to measure the ice.
      His results contradicted previous assumptions made by scientists and showed that the ice is actually much thicker than has been predicted over the last 20 years.
      AND there is MORE:
      The Antarctic is actually growing and all the evidence in the last few months suggests many assumptions about the poles was wrong
      Dr Benny Peiser
      The Antarctic is actually growing and all the evidence in the last few months suggests many assumptions about the poles was wrong

    • Frances says:

      Australia is also subject to geoengineering via chemtrail (not contrail) spraying.

      • Karen Dahl says:

        Hi Frances and All Which country and companies are doing the geoengineering? Are they defence companies such as BAE? Do you believe that NASA is hoodwinking us?
        According to their latest report Antarctic ice is breaking up and disappearing…

  • Mark Sircus says:

    It is extremely difficult for misinformed citizens to distinguish between lies and the truth. The very job of the elite controlled media is to misinform.

  • Antonio Jr Velasquez says:

    Truthfully (Morally and Ethically) informing our Planet Earth inhabitants — sooner than later—of our very necessary obligation to responsibly enact global stringent methods to prevent the continuation of human over population world wide can and eventually will considerably reduce and eventually eliminate the dire threat of prophesy being fulfilled to the magnitude of apocalyptic proportions—that we all do very well to responsibly prevent. See: Revelation Chapter 6 Authorised Version of the King James Holy Bible.

    • Mark Sircus says:

      I am afraid its too late for that and even if informed most do not want to listen. The Muslims are programmed to breed like rabbits and they are dedicated to taking over the world….so we are already in a time of prophesy and God help us all.

      • Antonio Jr Velasquez says:

        One nonsensical action promotes a wave of nonsensical actions. We are not here to destroy each orher, but rather to sharpen one another, due to the fact that globally, there has been and for the time being continues to be only two sides wherein we do very well to decide—instead of choosing—to responsibly stand in. The biggest problem causing Holy Conundrum is deliberate incompetent monopoly corruption that more often times than not starts at top levels of officials who self centeredly seek to create a global landslide of confusion—which in turn fuels and fans the unquenchable fire that is spoken about in prophesy. Seems like something is pitting us against one another to the point of total self destruction…and maybe just so, with the promise of new heavens and new earth.

  • Bob says:

    So, when researching this subject, it appears that the effects of the sun are the main driver of global temperature. I agree the cold is coming! So, what does one do to prepare for the coming cold? We all can’t move South…

  • Bob says:

    I think its the Geo-Engineering causing it….it was 50 degrees in the Northern Hemisphere states in Dec., and then they started spraying and it immediately got cold with snow.

  • Opinione libera says:

    …meanwile in central Europe we have a mild winter, but last year the winter was very cold. Climat changing is true, but not global and not only in one direction.

  • Tommie says:

    I agree with you Dr. Sircus.

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