Wishing for Global Warming

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This year camping over Memorial Day weekend in Southern Idaho was a little different than it has been in past. “Reservoir beaches are under water. New creeks have formed where creeks previously did not exist, and you may have woken up to snow. ” USA Today jokingly calls it “California’s endless winter.” That is snow in the above picture on June 13 in Wyoming.

The below chart shows solar activity crashing down. With the lowest sunspot count in a hundred years, with agricultural sectors hit hard and food prices continuing to spiral up, what USA Today said is not funny. The weekend of June 11, 2017 saw more snow in California and thoughtful people are starting to think of using more than tar and feathers to put certain individuals from NOAA and NASA in their place.

Heavy snow is falling in northern Nevada as well but no one in Washington or in the press thinks anything of it. In fact, the National Weather Service issued a winter advisory, and it is almost the middle of June and they are having record cold.

I know it is not easy to think with facts in this world of climate lies but solar cycle 24 has seen very low solar activity thus far meaning the last thing we need to be afraid of is global warming. Dr. L.E. Kaiser writes, “It’s already the month of June and both air and water temperatures are well behind the seasonally adjusted “global warming = climate change = frying planet” conditions that were proclaimed by so many climate doomsters.”


One has to go to this link to see the impossible. In a world of fantasies about record warmth, we are seeing a rapid expansion of sea ice in the first half of May. Much of the growth is due to Barents adding 85k m2 of ice in a period of only 5 days to reach 572k km2. Do not be misled by reports of declining sea ice in the Arctic. Meanwhile, on the Atlantic side of the Arctic, we have sightings and reports of ice surges along the coast of Newfoundland, such amounts not seen since the 1980s.

At a time when ice should be melting, it is expanding in May at a rapid rate and we learn that during the same month Moscow had its coldest May since 1918. Why do we not hear this news in the mainstream press? “Major cold plunges hit Europe April and May 2017.” “The developing Mini-Ice-Age is now in a NEW PHASE and here to stay 20 years” says Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction.

Scientists, aboard an icebreaker, had to abandon their expedition because of hazardous ice conditions. Ice chunks measured 16 to 26 feet (5 to 8 m) thick. According to the Canadian Coast Guard, the conditions were unlike anything ever seen before in the area.

Al Gore predicted that the Arctic ice cap could completely disappear by 2014. He was so wrong about that and everything else. New data released by NASA two years ago revealed that the Earth’s polar ice caps have not receded at all since satellite measurements began in 1979. Not only is polar ice not receding, it is now quite possibly at its greatest extent in at least 97 years. How many times have we heard the press hysterical about the melting caps yet we see Forbes two years ago reporting on NASA’s findings.

Less than a week after President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord hundreds of U.S. businesses declared a “We Are Still In” campaigns that plan on honoring the pact that is hinged on one of the greatest lies every told. Al Gore continues to be the climate idiot of the ages saying that Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement ‘threatens the ability of humanity to solve the climate crisis in time.’

Meanwhile, “Unusually heavy Arctic pack ice has trapped multiple vessels, stymied the fishing season and triggered a high-stakes rescue operation from a sinking ship off Newfoundland,” says an article on CTV Coast Atlantic. The heavy ice is more than two meters thick in some areas off the province’s northeast coast. He said ice conditions are so bad the Coast Guard has been unable to free trapped vessels with its icebreaker Amundsen. Three fishing vessels remain trapped in ice off northeastern Newfoundland.

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, even though Arctic sea ice hit its second-lowest extent on record in 2016, tying with 2007, some 1.6 million square miles of ice remained. That is a lot more than zero ice coverage. In fact, that is more than half the size of all 48 contiguous United States

ice rescue Newfoundland

By the way, it was snowing in Moscow on June 2. In the southern end of our planet, the mercury plummeted to 2.9C in Adelaide recently, making it the city’s coldest start to winter since 1943. Elsewhere in South Australia temperatures dropped even lower, with Yunta -4.7C, Renmark -3.2C and Loxton, Snowtown and Murray Bridge -1.9C, according to the Bureau of Meteorology

No one can stand out in public and deny manmade global warming without being attacked by a hornet’s nest of climate wasps. Ever since President Trump said he would withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate change pact, reporters have been asking if the president — who during the campaign pronounced global warming a “hoax” — still rejects the worldwide scientific and political consensus that the climate is changing as a result of human activity.

They haven’t gotten an answer. On Monday, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders promised Yahoo News White House correspondent Hunter Walker a response by the end of the day, then failed to produce one. Tuesday morning, the entire on-air team of “Morning Joe” pressed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to give a yes-or-no answer. They failed.

Why? The press and just about every politician around the world is sold on global warming. Their belief has turned them into sharks ready to rip anyone to shreds who suggest that they are nothing more than religious fanatics who have not a care in the world for what is true or not. Therefore, Trump is keeping his mouth shut while taking the United States out of the Paris treaty.


“After decades of research with billions of research funds spent, there is less scientific evidence than ever before of any linkage between carbon dioxide levels in the air and the global mean temperature, or the proclaimed “catastrophic” ocean level rise. Au contraire, increasingly the evidence points to CO2 as a global atmospheric cooling agent and some sea levels are even falling,” concludes Dr. Kaiser.


  • Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm says:

    In total agreement with you—fat gore idiots belong in nut house

  • Bob says:

    it what 75 degree in Ohio this winter on a particular day…how does this fit in with all this?

  • JimPas says:

    86.4 today in upstate NY. Had one of the warmest winters here this past year. Instead of snow by the 2nd week of November, we had to wait until February. It’s been like this for well over 20 years, with the seasons being later and later. We used to get 36″/91,4cm around Thanksgiving Day. Not anymore.
    I just looked at a satellite photo of southeastern Antarctica where they’ve been having RAIN – not snow! An area larger than the state of Texas is melting. Several months ago I watched a video of a beautiful 300’/91.44m waterfall at the edge of a glacier (Antarctica) that was blood red. The color comes from a red algae that only thrives about a certain temperature. In turn, its darker color – as compared to the white snow – absorbs more ultra-violet light and warms up – thus increasing the algae colonies. This melts the snow and ice, faster and faster.
    Another video I watched was of an Eskimo elder who pointed out the light blue color of the ice they were standing on – saying that it used to be white.
    As for Europe getting colder, that’s what happens when snow and ice melt in the arctic. The cold fresh water flows into the ocean, pushing the warm gulf stream farther south. It replaces the warm water that would have traveled toward Europe, affecting it’s weather by making it colder.
    I believe that the use of “Global Warming” should never have been used. The more proper – and accurate – term originally used should have “Climate Change.” Some areas will receive more rainfall, some more snow, some will get hotter and drier, while others will get flooded. And as far as the rising sea levels go, just ask the Pacific Islanders whose homes are gradually going below the waves, and along the Gulf Coast of the USA where the sea is overtaking the shores by 1/3″/0.83cm per year (and more in some areas). The city of Miami, Florida is currently in the process of elevating its roads along the coast because the sea level is rising and the storm surges are getting higher. Even with the USD$500 Million being spent on this, the mayor of Miami stated this would only be good for about 50 years, and then something else would have to be done.
    Oh, and methane is 200 times more disruptive to the climate than CO2, and Trump just did away with the regulations on methane for the oil & gas industries. More and more methane is also being released as the permafrost in the Arctic melts (something else that elder Eskimo stated).
    World-wide climate is changing no doubt about it. And for those of you who don’t understand the difference between weather and climate, weather is ‘short-term localized pattern’ and climate is ‘long-term and widespread.’ Just because it was “hotter than usual” last month doesn’t mean it’s going to be that way each year.

  • Eva van Loon says:

    Never before has the skin of this planet crawled with 7.5 billion units of a single voracious species. You know what is said–if something can’t go on…it won’t. The question is not whether but how and when. However our reckless spawning ends, it won’t be pretty.

  • denis says:

    The weather is affected by mostly two things. The SUN and the water temperatures of the OCEANS. A third effect is POLAR VORTEXES. Sun activity is low for a few years now, the Pacific ocean has a massive El Nino, and there is a massive Polar Vortex over northern Siberia. Things you don’t hear about from those who believe like Al Gore. Climate is a product of the natural environment we live in, not human consumption as is preached by the climate change nut jobs.

  • Beth Hobbs Chiles says:

    And how do the highest temps ever in parts of the Southwest and the Middle East fit into the cooling model?

  • Mbeees says:

    Love this! I have been following the youtube channel Adapt2030. Very good stuff and your article reinforces my confidence in the cooling trend. We had a really brutal winter here in central Idaho where usually its so mild you can get out and play in February. This year I couldn’t plant my garden until about June 15th.

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