Winter at the End of September

Everyone knows that according to climate experts there is not supposed to be any more snow, even in winter. It is what we should expect from a dramatically warming world. So why are we reading on the 28th of September URGENT – “Historic Winter Storm” Warning for Montana up to 3 ft (1 m) of snow in the valleys, 5 ft at higher elevations – Near blizzard conditions at times.

Widespread power outages and downed trees. Agricultural damage from record cold temperatures. In September! Temperature departures to the cold side are set to be staggering. This system will usher in temperatures 15 to 30 degrees below average across much of the Northwest. Not a full week past summer and its snowing in 8 states and 5 provinces in Canada!


“The forecast we have out is something we haven’t really seen in at least 30 years, and probably 80 years,” said meteorologist Jason Anglin at the National Weather Service in Great Falls. As you read this its snowing like crazy, records are being smashed to the cold side as incredible amounts of snow continue to fall.

What you will read in this climate essay is cold. It is not just cold weather. It all adds up to a dramatic if not catastrophic shift to the cold side and its not just for this week, this month or August. The beginning of summer was quite cold and last winter was cold. Reality is setting in and its cold climate change not man-made global warming. 

There are climate scientists, governmental organizations, Democrats (climate change is a political football) and the owners of the media who will continue to lie and deceive the public no matter how cold it gets. The elite says its warming so who are we to say its getting colder? We are, after all, supposed to bend over and believe everything we are told. “The entire political elite on all sides are self-serving and venal,” writes Craig Murray.

Paul Driessen writes about global warming, “It is a manufactured crisis, created by vested interests – activists, scientists and crony capitalists – and adopted without question by opportunistic politicians, regulators and media pundits for their own interests.”Find out what to expect from Hydrogen Treatments! Download 5 chapters FREE from the revolutionary book Hydrogen Medicine.DOWNLOAD

We just had the coldest August in modern history and winter is coming early, right at the end of summer. Muscovites shivered through their coldest August in recorded history. The town of Rutherglen Australia equaled its coldest-ever August on record in 104 years of observations, with an average reading of just 7.1C (44.8F) which matched the previous record from 1994 (approaching solar minimum of cycle 22). Deniliquin Airport’s 8.9C (48F) tied its all-time record-lowest August mean temp from 2008 (solar minimum of cycle 23). We also had record cold and snow at the beginning of the summer.


As early as Sept 6, a series of cold air masses engulfed practically all of Greenland and looked set to stay that way for the remainder of September. Temperatures across the entire island were forecast to hold as much as 16C below average from Sept 06 until at least Sept 21, with heavy snow (18+ inches) expected in the south. Showing the global warming crowd to be pathological liars we read, Greenland’s glaciers are continuing to grow. Seems they have no intention of satisfying the fantasies of the man-made global warming religion.

We continue to read fake hysterical climate news: “Greenland’s melting ice sheet is contributing to a rise in sea levels that could threaten millions in low-lying areas — a situation that became more urgent this summer when 11 billion tons of surface ice melted in one day. In fact, if all of Greenland’s ice sheets melted, sea levels could rise by 23 feet worldwide.”

The first 9 days of September have seen a total of 164 All-Time Daily Low Temperature Records either tied of busted across the United States. According to NOAA, a total of 18 all-time daily Lowest Maximum Temperatures were busted on September 9th alone. With more than a week of summer still left to go, snow is blanketing some higher peaks of Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.

In England it was a cold end of Summer. They saw record cold but no record heat.

Craibstone, Scotland set a new teeth-chattering all-time daily low of 2.2C (36F) on Sept 02 which smashed the previous record of 4.4C (40F) set way back in 1934.

Shawbury, Central England comfortably surpassed 2002’s Sept 08 record of 3.9C (39F) with a chilly 2.8C (37F).

While Lyneham, Central England set a new low of 4.4C (40F) on Sept 08, busting the previous record of 6.1C (43F) from 2015.

Cordova, Alaska – Lowest September Temperature on record: Coldest September temp in at least 110 years, maybe more. Not just for the day, but for the entire month. Intense Arctic cold descended into southern Alaska last week, setting a new all-time monthly Lowest Minimum Temperature. According NOAA, the mercury plunged to -11.7 C (11 F) at Cordova Airport on Thursday, Sept 12, annihilating the previous record low of -6.7 C (20 F) set back in 1972. This is the coldest temperature for the month of September ever recorded at the station since it began operating in 1909.

According to official NOAA data, a new daily Lowest Minimum Temperature for September 20 was set at Hednerson, NC last week when the mercury sank to an AGW-narrative-wrecking 2.2C (36F). This reading destroyed the previous record low of 5C (41F) set back in 1916, and is now the coldest the city of Henderson has ever been on Sept 20 in books dating back to 1893Almost freezing in North Carolina on the last day of summer!!!!

In addition, a further five new all-time daily Lowest Minimum Temperature records were set across the U.S. on Sept 20, including two in the neighboring state of Virginia — these were the 7.8C (46F) at Wakefield, which busted the previous record low of 8.9C (48F) set in 1997 (solar minimum of cycle 22). And the 7.8C (46F) at Wallops Island NASA Test Facility, which surpassed the old record of 9.4C (49F)

Blue On the Maps Means Much Colder Than Normal


Devastation in Spain as the temperatures dropped in mid September creating mayhem across the country in the most sever storm in a century. An extreme ‘Gota Fria’ –meaning ‘Cold Drop’– has battered practically ALL of Spain this week. A succession of frigid polar fronts drove temps some 16C below-average across vast swathes of the country, brought torrential rain and floods to many, and even spawned a tornado in Alicante. But read the news, you will see nothing about it. Much more interest in the colors people choose for their underwear.

And in northern Italy winter has come, already! A thick layer of snow covered the houses and streets in the Italian Alps near the border with Switzerland. On the 12th of September.


A “major outbreak” of “cold polar air” is already infecting Northern Europe last week, spreading to the majority of the continent. BRITAIN was also bracing itself for an early burst of winter as the weather maps from WXCharts and TropicalTidbits revealed. The nation will be smacked by sub zero temperatures in the middle of September before summer ended.

According to a few of the models, temperatures in Scotland sunk to -5C (23F) during September’s last weekend which, when turning to the books, is just 1.7C above the UK’s all-time lowest September temperature — the -6.7C (20F) set at Dalwhinnie (Highland) on Sept 26, 1942 (Metoffice).


Australia has been impacted by extensive cooling this week which has already seen record-breaking low-level snow fall in NSW. Now, it’s the turn of the temperature records to take a battering. At least SIX new all-time record low September temperatures were set across SA today (Weds, Sept 17), according to official data from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM):


“A particularly dry and cold winter” has negatively affected South American crop production. Lima for example, the capital of Peru, just suffered one of its “coldest winters in 50 years,” according to its National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology. Temperature departures during the first few days of October are on course to be as much as 20C below the seasonal average. With the nations of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Southern Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru being worst affected.




Earliest snow in Sweden in 20 years

Record cold in Siberia

A thick layer of snow covered Italy

September 13, winter has come.


According to official NOAA data, a new Lowest Minimum Temperature for the month of September was set at Monroe, WA on Tues, Sept 17. The mercury dipped to -1.7C (29F) which busted the previous record low of -1.1C (30F) set back in 1970.

Furthermore, that previous record low was broken for a second time just a day later, when the temperature again hit the -1.7C (29F) mark on Wed, Sept 18.

Those two readings of -1.7C are now in the books as the coldest September temperatures ever recorded in the city of Monroe, WA since it began keeping official records back in 1929.

Britain is bracing for a bleak and freezing winter as long-range forecasts see this January and February being among the coldest of the past 30 years, with even the risk of a new “Beast from the East”, scientists have warned.


All of this winter in summer sounds like global warming to climate fanatics. What can we say to people who have made a religion out of the climate? Nothing it seems, not until they literally freeze their collective asses off. Climate change due to man-made influences is the scam of the ages, a mental rip off championed by maniacs, psychopaths that seriously deludes and manipulates children.

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