Will Climate Madness Ever End?

It’s a time of open madness, and nowhere is life more warped than around climate change, energy, and carbon dioxide issues. Psychologists are missing out on a new form of madness called carbon dioxide dementia syndrome. Making carbon dioxide an enemy when it is life’s best friend is stupid beyond belief.

The global warming scam is a central platform for undermining the rationality of Western civilization. So much of politics is set around ridiculous ideas about climate change. The climate is undoubtedly changing, and indeed, it is getting violent, as everyone in California now knows, but the difference is to the cold, wet, and snowy side, not the hot.

Things will only get worse from here, so wake up, not to new ideas about sexuality but to the threat of increasing cold, increasing energy prices, and, as we shall see at the end of this essay, growing food shortages. But, unfortunately, the woke culture is asleep to what matters. And as a result, we can see that blue cities are being plunged into lawlessness and chaos, with rampant crime, homelessness, and addiction taking over.

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