White House to Suicide the Earth?

white house image

Insane people do insane things. They come up with insane ideas to spread their insanity like a plague. Since these are the kind of people who are navigating civilization, we can expect the worst. Most of the world is bankrupt and the best politicians can do is spend money they do not have so the world’s debt has reached over 300 trillion dollars. And worse, we have the American braindead government trifling with nuclear war and wanting to spend trillions more to fight climate change.

An unfortunate number of Americans still
get their news from corporate media.

The entire barrage of climate articles one cannot easily avoid seeing are full of garbage. Yes, it is summer, and because of massive changes in the jet stream certain places are exceptionally hot, but that is nothing new if you look back over the last hundred years. Official figures from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show a decline in U.S. heatwaves stretching back 75 years. Despite what they say our planet is getting colder.

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