Very Cold Story – Warnings of What is Coming

I started writing this essay as the year turned as warnings of extreme record-breaking cold and snow again make fools out of global warming fanatics, which unfortunately includes almost every politician, the entire news media, and most organizations throughout the civilized world in the West at least.

Thus, many, especially farmers now in Germany, want to get rid of their government not only because they do not care about them but also because the German government and governments throughout the West have lost their minds. Climate change has become a globalist religion of insanity. It is also scientific insanity, for CO2 is the most necessary gas and highly healthy. Without CO2, oxygen would not exist, not at a concentration supporting life on Earth. It is also political suicide, generating an end to Western civilization as we now know it.

Arctic sea ice extent is now the highest in 21 years since
2003, and that is because it is too warm at the North Pole?

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