Snowmageddon – First Taste of Mini-Ice Age?

Much of the U.S. is enduring a harsh, prolonged winter with frigid temperatures and deep snowpack. Unfortunately, winter is refusing to let up. Instead of a warm balmy spring, which we would expect if global warming fanatics were even half right, winter weather conditions continue well into Spring. And more winter is on the way!

On Apr 1, more than 12 million people from the Dakotas to the Great Lakes were under winter weather blizzard alerts. In fact, the headlines on the first read January-like cold to spill across the West during 1st week of April. So it really sounds like we should all be worried about man-made global warming and dying from too much CO2 in the atmosphere. The colder and the longer it stays cold, the more climate scientists’ minds heat up and the bigger the lies in the press get.

Any hopes for Spring’s arrival one week and almost two full weeks into Spring are buried under continuing cold and snow. On Mar 26, a low of -48.4C (-55.1F) was registered in Delyankir, Siberia — a rare reading in Russia for late March. A record -37.5C (-35.5F) has been posted in Finland, with -36.8C (-34.2F) noted in Sweden — historically low readings for late March. It was Minus 34F in Utah.

Record lows hit North America, adding to the hundreds that fell last week. Isn’t it funny that as the earth melts and boils, it’s getting colder and staying colder longer into seasons that should be warm? The U.S.–and much of Canada–remains firmly within winter’s icy grip.

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