Sending the World Back To the Dark Ages

Net zero madness has infected the West, and it will spell disaster for Western Civilization and eventually lead to the death of hundreds of millions of people. Many insane people are in on a madness they do not understand. Yet their self-righteousness is so absolute it does not matter if millions, if not billions, die eventually from their policy positions—zero carbon emissions as a goal speaks of this.

The big official mainstream news is the upper atmosphere is cooling, which satellite sensors have finally confirmed. Most of the atmosphere above is becoming “dramatically colder”, as defined by Yale Environment 360. A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences proved the phenomenon’s existence. “In the thinner air aloft, most of the heat reemitted by the CO2 does not bump into other molecules. It escapes to space,” Yale E360 stated. Changes in the upper atmosphere potentially spell changes for the lower atmosphere, which is also cooling, not warming.

Any high school student proficient in science and mathematics can understand that what happens above will eventually or quickly affect below. Look up at a clear night sky; the already super cold stratosphere is getting colder, and that cold will seep down and touch the ground. Violent weather and climate are already playing on life’s stage, and it’s not because of CO2.

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