One More Calamity – This One Is Cold

We live in a time where one calamity seems to come immediately on the heels of another. However, the most crushing one is being entirely ignored by the mainstream press and governments worldwide because they are addicted to climate change lies, the ultimate in fake news. Do you believe in man-made global warming?

Unfortunately, some people and organizations will not change their minds about climate change until it snows in Miami. Some people have the gall to spit directly into the face of Nature, but Nature will have the last laugh though nothing about what is coming is funny.

Just after I penned this line about Miami, I read:

After summertime-like highs, temperatures in the low 50s are set to sweep Florida by this weekend.Arctic air will descend deep into the CONUS to close out the week, driving temperatures into record-breaking territory.Orlando is expecting 50F Saturday night, according to the NWS, while Bradenton and the Tampa Bay area should be in the mid-to-upper 50s, at best — all challenging record lows.

We do not have to wait for the next black swan to fly into our collective backyards. Though many might feel humanity is exhausted and our resilience waning from war, sanctions, food shortages, and price increases few of us can afford wait till the climate jumps on everyone’s back, not with heat but with crop-destroying cold.

Only 30% of America’s winter wheat crop is in good or excellent condition, the Department of Agriculture said Monday in its first national ratings of the year.

This season, China’s current wheat crop growing condition could be the worst in history, the country’s agriculture minister said at the beginning of April. Tang Renjian, speaking to reporters at the sidelines of the country’s annual parliament meeting, said that around one-third of wheat planting in the fall was delayed by half a month, and grain production this year faced enormous difficulties.

More than several countries are already experiencing sporadic shortages of different products like eggs, milk, and other dairy products since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Shortages and rationing are materializing worldwide, and we haven’t even gotten to the time when this spring’s crop failures hit due to lack of ability to plant in Ukraine, continued drought in America’s west, and the Arctic cold that is sweeping the northern hemisphere even though we are well into spring.

Reuters reported that there is no shortage of stupid people at the U.N. climate science agency. They recommend drastic cuts to fossil fuel use and eating less meat as some of the actions needed in this decade to contain global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial temperatures. They and leaders worldwide cannot get it through their thick heads that the world is cooling and that the sun is the primary driver of climate on Earth.

You Wouldn’t Know Its Spring

Meteorologists at private weather forecaster BAMWX said a “big shot of cold air” is expected to arrive in the eastern half of the U.S. “this week into this weekend, leading to well below normal temperatures.” As a result, there are freeze risks from the northern Plains, Midwest to Ohio Valley over the next 10-20 days.

Europe is suffering from a polar onslaught. It is not funny that we hear of historic cold this late into spring in a supposedly hot world. Monthly low-temperature benchmarks have been falling in almost every Western/Central European nation this week, most notably in France, which suffered its coldest April 1-4 in recorded history and its chilliest April temperature ever on April 4.

Try convincing someone from New York that manmade global warming is real. Try convincing anyone who has been outside last week in many places in the northern hemisphere where spring refuses to come. We are well into spring, but it does not feel that way because it is not that way. It is beginning to dawn for way too many people that the real problem with climate change is global cooling, and it’s not manmade at all.

Yes, we have been had, and we will continue to be abused by lies from the mainstream press, which are not news organizations anymore. What they are is manipulative organs of propaganda deceiving us about everything important.

And it Is going to Snow there.

Not only did New York suffer a record March cold, but NYC just busted a low record dating back to 1893. For many, it feels like winter is back, and it is. Arctic air is descending from Canada, sending a wave of freezing winds over the East, with temperatures dipping into the single digits (Fahrenheit).

At this point, if we have been paying attention, none of this is unusual. Last year we also experienced “The Year Without A Spring.”

Global Warming Experts to be Tried for Treason

The above subtitle was the original title and is fake news, but that is all we get from the mainstream media these days/years/decades. The global alarmism promoted by the press and climate scientists about catastrophic warming is the biggest fake/scam/ripoff in history. The politicians who have swallowed the lies are idiots. Those who have promoted carbon credits are thieves.


We read: As the world gets closer to its net-zero carbon emissions target in 2050, the carbon credits market has the potential to explode. The carbon credits market consists of voluntary and regulatory markets. “The voluntary market is valued at about $1 billion this year, and the demand for voluntary carbon credits is expected to grow 15 times by 2030,” emphasized Sunny Trinh, CEO, DevvESG. “It is predicted to increase 100 times by 2050. The regulatory compliance market is more than $850 billion today. We are approaching a $1 trillion market.”

As gasoline prices rise to record levels, the International Energy Agency is calling for energy lockdowns, such as banning the use of private cars in cities on Sundays. “It is odd how COVID ‘solutions’ also allegedly helped the climate, and now the same solutions are being touted to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” writes Marc Morano.

There is no doubt that zero carbon emissions would lead to a vast reduction in population, and this does seem like human destiny no matter which way they take us down. Unfortunately, the criminal class of politicians and madmen like Bill Gates are having their way with us through many devious methods. Our numbers will be reduced through massive starvation and experimental genetic injections that lead to uncountable deaths via immune system collapse, lethal blood clots, and astounding increases in cancer.

Crop Conditions In China Worst In History

When it comes to food, expect an inflationary superstorm, and it is not just what is happening in Ukraine and Russia. Prices were at the highest level ever before Russia invaded and before crop devastation in many parts of the world are weighed in. However, the world is losing tremendous grain exports. And the world’s agricultural sector is being starved for fertilizer, not just because of export bans but from before the war, when we already had extraordinarily high gas prices. Natural gas is used to make fertilizer.

The fertilizer shortage comes at a time when Northern Hemisphere producers are preparing for spring planting, according to Ben Maddox, Director of Farm Operations for AcreTrader. That could reduce crop yields across the board, with some farmers not even able to get their hands on fertilizer. Supply shortages continue for ingredients like nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, while the crisis in Ukraine is compounding the problem, throwing a wrench into the global food supply.

“With regards to food shortages, it’s going to be real,” President Biden declared after meeting with NATO allies in Brussels, adding that Russia and Ukraine are the breadbaskets of Europe. “The price of these sanctions is not just imposed on Russia, it is imposed on an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and the U.S.”


Unusually frigid temperatures have engulfed Canada and the United States over the past three months. Temperatures in North America declined by 1.29C per Decade between Jan 2016 through Feb 2022. This is a monster drop in temps, one approx. 19 times Earth’s official average rate of increase since 1880–at least according to the NOAA report: “The global annual temperature has increased at an avg. rate of 0.07C (0.13F) per decade since 1880.”


James Howard Kunstler writes, “We are on track to go medieval in months, not years: no replacement parts for our machines, no money (or else money that’s worthless), no food, no heat, no light, no getting from Point A to Point B, soon no hope. And if we’re really unlucky, the very land itself and the things we’ve built upon it reduced to cinders and ash.”

I do not think Kunstler is exaggerating. When I read that the international supply chain is about to collapse, it leads me to want to buy some spare computers and cell phones and, of course, increase my food stocks and plant much more on my fruit farm.  

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