Kill The Cows? Summer Snow! The Smoke Will Hurt – Don’t Breath It

Cold climate changes image

Don’t you get tired of hearing about climate change? Ever since the end of winter, I believe there have been more articles about climate change than on any other subject. In our elite-driven world, it is an all-out push against humanity, and now cows, against God, truth, Christianity, the white man, and all semi-rational notions of sexuality.

It’s a push against all notions of law, especially in America.

They lie by omission. Still, breathing the Canadian smoke? Don’t worry, they say, “Although they have darkened Canadian and U.S. skies with smoke and haze that contain particles harmful to people sensitive to pollution.” So it’s only people sensitive to the pollution that need to worry? Not by a long shot! No word was said about the mercury and radioactive particles being kicked up by the flames, only the same old worry about CO2, the most necessary and healthy gas on the planet. Dr. Leana Wen gives some solid and vital warnings but still no mention of heavy metals and increased radioactive contamination.

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