Insanity Rules The World, And We Will All Pay For It

We are witnessing higher levels of lunacy in almost every aspect of life. Understanding and seeing what is happening around us is certainly no fun. And it is sad to witness mentally compromised individuals having so much sway over humanity, over the future of civilization, and the world’s food supply. The upper crust of humanity knows no limits or ethics and adheres to no human rights standards, so we can only expect the worst from them.

To warm you up for this cold essay, know that in a world that was supposed to have no snow, we read the headlines in the Los Angeles Times over a week ago, “From Mammoth to Tahoe, powerful blizzard could sock Sierra with up to 12 feet of snow. It is snowing hard, and mountain communities are being buried. Yet if you Google no more snow, you will see hundreds of sites, many of which are very recent, predicting no more snow. Meanwhile, the snow continues to come down hard and has moved east, continuing until spring.

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