Impossible Outrageous Climate Lies Get Bolder

Just as the entire global warming scam is about to collapse from the record cold people in the United States and Europe have been experiencing these past weeks comes the biggest boldest stupidest lie in history. Yes, they lie without a drop of remorse. They do not care about history or reality when they say, ‘Scientists sound the alarm as the world briefly smashes through the 2-degree warming limit for the first time.’ I have never read such God-forsaken garbage in my life.

The first half of November has been one of the chilliest ever across New England
states, such as Maine. Looking at the past 30 years of climate data, the first half
of November 2023 (1st – 15th) has come out as the second coldest at 38.2F:

After years of crying out the difference between the weather and the climate, they make a claim about one day’s weather, which on a global scale would be rather impossible to calculate unless one is calculating with one’s overactive imagination. One of my favorite writers, James Howard Kunstler, wrote, “If we can agree on nothing else, you must grant that Western Civ needs to have its head examined.” I could not agree more. From medicine to climate, politics, finance, woke agendas, and war the West has come off the rails.

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