Historic Summer Cold

Historic July cold has been registered in Sweden.” Coldest month of July in almost 60 years. Norway is also Suffering its ‘Coldest Summer for 60 Years.’ 23 weather stations measured their lowest-ever July temperature. Several cold records shattered in The Netherlands in July. It has never been colder since the start of the measurements.

In Australia its been exceptionally cold. In early August we read that temp-departures are forecast to sink as much as 14C below the seasonal average across large parts of southern/eastern Australia. On Aug 5th swathes of Tasmania received their first settling snow in 40 years.

During the middle of July, Europe was engulfed by a continent-wide summer chill as brutal Arctic air rode anomalously-far south on the back of meridional jet streamflow. Temperature anomalies sunk by as much as 16C below the seasonal average on July 15.



Temperature departures as much as 12C below the seasonal average will continue to grip central and eastern regions in the United States. In Russia, the Arctic port town of Pevek first snow of the coming winter fell all night on August 5. The town doesn’t usually see its first flakes until mid-September. Vast swathes of the Russian continent, particularly central and western regions, as well as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan (in fact, all of the ‘stans) will see temperature departures sink some 14C below the seasonal average by next week.

Climate Reality Does Not Matter To Climatologists

James Hansen, the director of nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who is sometimes referred to as the “father of global warming,” concluded, partly on the basis of his latest modeling efforts and partly on the basis of observations made by other scientists, that the threat of global warming is far greater than even he had suspected. Carbon dioxide isn’t just approaching dangerous levels; it is already there. Unless immediate action is taken—including the shutdown of all the world’s coal plants within the next two decades—the planet will be committed to change on a scale society won’t be able to cope with. “This particular problem has become an emergency.”

Los productores patagónicos salvan ovejas atrapadas en medio de la nieve.

One global warming vision of the world: “Any thoughtful person should understand that, at this juncture in human history, civilization is in trouble. We face three to five decades of mounting catastrophe, three apocalyptic waves of it — of which the Coronavirus pandemic is a mere foreshadowing. Climate change goes nuclear in the 30s, by the 2040s mass extinction begins to kill off life as we know it on planet earth, and by the 2050s, the planet’s great ecosystems — on which our civilization depends for food, water, air, medicine, and energy — all begin to irreversibly and finally implode. Bang! The depressions, panics, upheavals, migrations, lockdowns, and fascisms unleashed by the waves of catastrophe heading our way are going to make the last six months look like a pleasant memory.”

Writers like this do not know what they are talking about and, worse, are not aware of the deception, which is being dished out two ways. First, it is cooling, not warming, and second, no matter how you cut the cake, the climate is already going nuclear, look at what is going on in China.

One can imagine the agricultural disaster in China with these tremendous floods, so it is no surprise we read that China has recently purchased record amounts of corn from America. Also, record amounts of potatoes are being dumped in pits instead of into our stomachs.

Snowy Mountains, Australia – Nearly 40 inches of snow in 24 hours is just one example of the incredible amount of wetness falling from the skies. Historical storm in Patagonia: closure of routes and temperatures of up to 20 degrees below zero,” reads the headline. Roads closed by a meter (more than 3 ft) of snow and temperatures down to -23°C (-9F). Agricultural emergency in 6 departments.

The extreme wet weather is part of climate change—the increases in cosmic rays, which seed clouds, are increasing precipitation dramatically.  The Andes – “Experts say it has never snowed that much.” The Andes continue accumulating snow, up to 4 meters (more than 13 feet), a foot of snow in Norway and record cold, and the fact that sea ice extent in Antarctica is greater now than in 1980 are all indications of climate change—cold climate change.

Many have been warning of a food apocalypse, and the handwriting is all over the globe. Agricultural output in the Ukraine fell by 19% during the first half of 2020, compared to the same period last year. And Russia hasn’t fared much better. Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Trade, and Agriculture Taras Vysotsky blamed unfavorable weather conditions for 2020’s dire harvest — as a result, grain prices in the nation with big “agrarian superpower” ambitions are on the rise.

And now, with the tremendous explosion in Lebanon’s port, much of their local grain reserves went up in smoke. The images confirm every building at the vital port, through which the majority of commerce and staples, including the nation’s grain supply comes, have been utterly destroyed


Biggest Scam In History

Dr. Roger Higgs concludes that the Sun overwhelmingly controls our climate. According to Dr Higgs, the IPCC is either lying or incompetent — but either way, we’ve needlessly instilled ‘climate anxiety’ into an entire generation of young people and we’re wasting $$trillions trying to ‘tackle’ perfectly natural Sun-driven climate change, wrecking precious agricultural and park lands with unneeded and hopelessly inefficient wind ‘farms’ and solar ‘parks’, and trying to bury CO2 underground. Yet CO2, the source of all life (photosynthesis), is still near its lowest level in 500 million years, only just above plant-starvation level. Before our very eyes CO2 is beneficially greening our Earth and increasing crop production, giving hope for feeding our 8 billion (rapidly growing) human population. You couldn’t make up the absurdity of the predicament to which the self-serving IPCC has reduced us. Instead of celebrating we pathetically cringe, concludes a bewildered Dr Higgs.

Yet Harvard’s Gernot Wagner wants to save the world from global warming. His method? Develop a new type of plane that will fly more than 4,000 missions a year, dumping particulates into the stratosphere. The concept of artificially reflecting sunlight has been around for decades, yet this will be the first real attempt at controlling Earth’s temperature through solar engineering.

Map of Arctric sea ice at the winter maximum, graph of extents

Global warming has been a lot of hot air that has fed insanity and untruth. “It’s getting cold in the mesosphere. Very cold,” wrote Dr. Tony Phillips in early June. This development is causing noctilucent clouds (NLCs) to spill out of the Arctic to middle latitudes. “2020 is shaping up to be a cold and wet year in the mesosphere,” says Lynn Harvey of the University of Colorado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. That is physics. Insane people do not pay attention to science. They pay attention to their beliefs, without regard to truth or falsity. 

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