Hiding Volcanic Eruptions

Hiding elephants in the room is easy for the press and so is hiding the biggest events on the planet like they don’t matter. It is not just Google and Facebook that are guilty of information manipulation but every mainstream newspaper in the world, which are privately owned by a small group of people, are spoon feeding the public in a way that Nazi and Communist propaganda machines hardly aspired to. The news has been brought down to a level of trivia and worse. It is now being used as a weapon to create division, separation and conflict as well as confusion and sickness of mind, body and spirit.

They do not want us to know that great changes are happening this past two months on our planet, which will have dire consequences in terms of climate and food production. They will not be able to hide it forever but just like we have seen in countless movies, we will be the last to know, with the excuse of not creating a panic or even an intelligent movement to prepare.

We have had a series of massive volcanic eruptions these past weeks that together are beginning to look equal to just one volcanic eruption in the past that have led to a year or two to without summers and a disaster in the agricultural sector. We have already had disasters this year in Australia, the United States, Canada, Europe and China from drought, flooding, cold, rain and snow. Huge reductions of food production have been reported and prices are just beginning to reflect our new food reality.

1816 is known as The Year Without a Summer’ when one of the worst climate disasters in history occurred. Weather patterns shifted, temperatures fell significantly, sunlight was blocked and snow fell in areas that normally experienced tropical climates.

Huge volcanic eruptions are those that send clouds above the level where they begin to have a cooling affect. Particulates ejected to altitudes above 32,800 feet (10 km) –and into the stratosphere– have a direct cooling effect on the planet.

Friday June 28 & Thursday 27th

This past Friday another high-impact eruption took place at Manam volcano, Papua New Guinea following on from the previous day’s explosion to 12.2 km, and the general uptick which began last year. A thick volcanic ash plume, rising to at least 50,000 feet (15.2 km) above sea level, was spotted by the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin at 06:59 UTC on June 28.

Wend – June 26

Ulawun’s (New Britain, Papua New Guinea) earlier eruption to 50,000 feet (15.2km) today, June 26, has just been revised to that of a full-scale subplinian eruption, the world’s first since Calbuco, Chile in 2015, which ranked as a VEI 4. ASH FIRED TO 63,000 FEET (19.2 KM)

June 21-22

NASA has recently released an amazing photograph of the circular eruption column during Raikoke’s reawakening on June 21-22, which topped out at 43,000 ft (13 km)

Powerful high-level eruptions have been ongoing at Raikoke volcano, Russia ever-since the massive unexpected explosion that took place on June 21-22 According to the Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Tokyo, the earlier eruption sent volcanic ash to an estimated 38,000 feet (11.6 km) above sea level.

June 17th

187 Exhalations Detected at Mexico’s Popocatépetl Volcano (Just outside of Mexico City) in just 24 hours — the Largest of which Sends Ash to 42,000 feet (12.8 km). Popocatépetl, whose name means Smoking Mountain in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, sprang back to life in 1994 (solar minimum of cycle 22) after half a century of quiescence. Over the past few months, violent activity at the volcano has increased tenfold, correlating neatly with the sharp drop-off in solar activity.

June 3rd

Mexico’s Popocatépetl continued its explosive uptick in style today, June 03, by firing an ash column to approximately 37,000 feet (11.3 km) a.s.l. — the volcano’s largest eruption in years.

June 9th

Sumatra’s incredibly active Sinabung Volcano has exploded in spectacular fashion again today, June 09, sending volcanic ash high into the atmosphere. The explosion also coincided with a minor G1 geomagnetic storm. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin is warning of a thick ash plume rising to a lofty 55,000 feet (16.7 km).

May 25th

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC) Darwin has warned of a colossal volcanic ash plume rising to 50,000 feet (15.2km), or flight level 500, from northern Sumatra’s powerful stratovolcano — Sinabung.

For the History Books

Mexico was hit by a freak early morning storm on Sunday that saw hail pile up to over 6 feet (1.8 m) in and around the city of Guadalajar. Roads were blocked and extensive damage was reported following the monster hail that struck at 01:00 AM Sunday (local time). Streets were quickly transformed into rivers of dense, fast-moving hail, trapping drivers in their vehicles and forcing numerous rescue operations.

Climate change is real but man-made global warming is not. Nature is making history! These series of eruptions are for the history books. So is Sunday’s hail storm. No one is adding the combined consequences of the cooling effect these volcanoes will have and certainly we do not know what is coming next. But this is exactly what astrophysicists would expect as cosmic rays increase (that penetrate the earth) as the sun dims during its entrance into the next Grand Solar Minimum.

More violent weather, more snow, rain, in some places heat, but overall the real difficulty will be cold and short and sometimes non-existent growing seasons. This year has been a wipeout for many American farmers with the record floods. Expect much higher food prices and energy costs to heat homes.

Here in Brazil, most homes do not have heat and the only way my wife and I stay comfortable in the winter is by using infrared mattresses. They are dream machines that double as medical devices and save money when it is cold since you do not have to heat the whole house only one’s self in bed. Believe me there is nothing like it.

For thousands of years traditional oriental doctors have know that cold is a main cause of disease. Low body temperature makes it very difficult to vanquish cancer because for every degree below normal one’s temperature drops one loses approximately 25 percent of their immune system strength. I almost always recommend infrared therapy for cancer patients. There is even a special branch of oncology that uses heat to go in for the kill on cancer cells called Hyperthermic Oncology.

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