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If you think COVID was hard on the world, wait until you see what the cold and snow will do in the coming years. We will soon see what it will do this year as record cold and snow hits the planet. The world is not ready for global cooling. It is not prepared for anything to do with reality since all world leaders and organizations feed us are lies. 

It is hard to determine which mountain of falsehoods is more prominent, COVID vaccine lies or climate lies. The real climate news makes it impossible to believe that we will fry here on Earth, and the objective medical information is too horrible to contemplate

Last year, about 20% of Americans struggled to pay their energy bill in full at least once, according to a study by Help Advisor. At the same time, 18% kept their house at a temperature that was either unhealthy or unsafe. In addition, people went without necessities to make sure they could afford their utilities. More than 28% skipped a basic expense such as food or medicine to pay an energy bill in the last 12 months.

With the price of natural gas, oil, and electricity climbing steadily and as the cold gets colder, these numbers will worsen, not just for Americans. Europe promises a disaster, not only because of the sky-high prices of natural gas but also because of the sheer lack of supply. 

Trusting The Wrong People and Governmental Organizations

In a world where climate scientists have said there will be no snow comes record snow, over 10 feet in the Sierra Mountains recently with life smashing amounts in parts of Japan. A week later, the UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab logged one last inch late on Dec 31, taking December 2021’s total to 214 inches (5.44m). The highest ever recorded. That is almost 18 feet.

Hulunbuir China just suffered its coldest day ever (-54.4F), Seoul registered its lowest temperature since 1980, big blizzards are battering Russia and Nepal, and 13 feet of snow buried a town in Turkey. 

Zero Hedge writes, “Climate change warrior Greta Thunberg must be speechless or at least ignoring the “science” as the Snow Lab reported the snowiest December on record. Greta and her climate gang of children are seemingly ignoring record snowfall in California while continuing to tell the world we’re all going to burn if we don’t invest in green energy.” The truth is millions will freeze with an over-reliance on green energy.

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The European governments have been idiotic with Russia, so Russia is limiting the supply of the gas it takes for Europeans to stay warm. The gas flow has even reversed, sending gas from Germany back toward Poland. Worse still, the Europeans and NATO are driving the Russians to the brink by their refusal to give the security guarantees the Russians are seeking. 


Freezing temperatures across Europe, low Russian gas supply, low wind power generation in Germany, and the fact that they are shutting down nuclear plants in Germany will put a severe strain on the electrical grid in Germany and surrounding countries. In France, there is no good news for keeping people warm this winter as two nuclear plants are shut down because of pipe corrosion.

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An essay about energy suppliers going bankrupt concludes, “The result? Absolute chaos, food shortages, power outages, bankruptcies, civil unrest, eventually international war, and an inflationary nightmare.” Can things get that bad? Time will tell. This winter should be very telling. The gas shortage has several electricity providers on the verge of bankruptcy. Five small energy firms in the U.K. have already gone bust, and two more representing 3% of the market or 800,000 customers stopped trading last Wednesday.


“With no natural gas, there is no urea, and with no urea, there is no fertilizer. And with no fertilizer well, we will eat each other,” writes Chris Macintosh. An Australian farmer warns the urea supply crisis could halt everyday life within weeks. Here’s what he says: ‘Not only will we not be able to grow cattle and we will not be able to grow food, and we will not be able to grow grain or anything like that, but even if we could, we can’t move it, because we can’t turn a wheel in a truck because we have no Adblue,’ (AdBlue is needed for diesel vehicles). Half of all trucks on Australian roads run on diesel. So as of February, we might not have a truck on the road in Australia; we might not have a train on the tracks. ‘So quite literally, the whole country comes to a standstill as of February.”


Many countries answer to the increasing cold, sky-high energy prices and lack of supply is coal—Spain fires-up coal power plant scheduled for closure due to cold weather and energy shortages. 

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The reality of our cooling climate–due to low solar activity—is hitting home. The company that owns this plant had been seeking government approval since 2019 to close the plant as part of its plan to phase out coal, in line with Spain’s pledge to end coal generation by 2030. That simply is not going to work unless having hundreds of thousands freeze to death is ok with the government. 

Despite all the groaning about coal and the hundreds of billions invested in Green Energy, new data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that the amount of electricity generated worldwide from coal is on track to hit a record high. IEA’s Coal 2021 report says global power generation from coal soared 9% in 2021 to an all-time high of 10,350 terawatt-hours. The rebound comes amid a rash of green policies and other political choices, such as decommissioning oil and gas-fired power plants and fossil fuel exploitation projects, ironically resulting in an energy crisis worldwide

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Don’t tell anyone who believes in global warming that the problem with coal is not CO2 emissions. The real problem with coal is the tonnage of mercury (and other toxins) put into the atmosphere every day. Gates has nothing to say about the highly toxic neurological poison and everything to say about CO2, a gas that plants thrive on and we humans depend on for breathing and oxygen delivery to the cells. 

Climate alarmists ignore the sun as the primary driver of climate. They also ignore heavy metal pollution and the vast amount of human suffering inherent in mercury exposure. The most recent research on mercury and Autism makes a devastating connection, yet modern medicine will deny this until everyone alive today are in their graves. 

The Chinese and Indians are laughing behind the back of the West as they build more and more coal plants doing the exact opposite of what western nations are doing. Renewables are failing to cope. Thus many countries are having to make the switch back to coal.

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