Coldest and Most Snow Ever

Heavy snowfall and widespread ice have led to another day of travel disruption, amid warnings that Britain is set to be gripped by freezing weather all month. Boston tied a 100-year-old record when it marked seven consecutive days of temperatures that did not top 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.7 degrees Celsius). Up and down the coast, people working outdoors struggled with the frigid conditions swearing under their breaths about the idea of manmade global warming.

In Russian it is snow Armageddon. Over the weekend Moscow was “drowned” in snow, setting records, experiencing its heaviest snowfall in a day since records began. Moscow’s meteorological service said Moscow had seen more than half its average monthly snowfall in the space of 24 hours, beating the previous record set in 1957.

Dramatic global cooling this winter has created 4X more ice than average in the Great Lakes. Almost 4X the amount of ice as on this date last year. The average high for Great Lakes ice coverage of 42.53% is typically reached on March 4. On February 4, with ice coverage standing at 43.2%, the Great Lakes reached its average high exactly one month early. One year ago, Great Lakes ice coverage stood at 11.3%. In 2016 on this date, it stood at only 7.2%.

The news from all over the world is cold and snowy. Prices of energy to keep warm are going up. Food prices continue upward as crops continue to be hurt by cold, heat, drought and flood. Human activity is frozen in blizzards that are increasing in intensity as our planet cools. In some areas the people are used to the cold and snow but there is a limit to everything, to how much energy for heat is available, and how much money is available to plow the snow from the highways.

The Perfect Sense of Global Warming

In Turukhansk the temperature dropped to -49.6C (-57F), breaking the previous record of -46.8C (-52F) set in 1988. Average daily temperatures of 4- 16 degrees below the norm covering the entire territory of Siberia. In Taimyr, Evenkia and Turukhansk district, the average daily temperature was below the norm by 12-16 degrees.

Oymyakon, Russia — sank to a mind-numbing (and body-numbing) 88F below zero (-66.7C) on Tuesday. This isn’t far from minus 89.9F, the coldest-ever officially recorded for a permanently inhabited settlement anywhere in the world and the frostiest in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is what we are seeing all over the world, record cold temperatures, but not beating records by small margins but smashing them. One would think the next mini-ice age would come in slowly, creeping up at us so we would hardly notice. That is not what is happening, and scientists have warned us of this, but no one is paying attention because crazy politicians and the public media are still shouting about manmade global warming.

On the other side of the world in New Orleans, temperatures dropped to 20F (-6.7C) at Louis Armstrong International Airport, breaking the old record low of 23F (-5C) set on Jan. 17, 1977. And the mercury at Baton Rouge Metro Airport plunged to 14F (-10C), beating the old record low of 18F (-7.8C) set in 1977. It was also the coldest temperature recorded on any day in Baton Rouge since Dec. 24, 1989. We recently had hard freezes in all of southeast Georgia, northeast and north central Florida with lows in the 20s all areas except near 30 at the northeast Florida beaches.

Recent Climate News

Freezing in Tokyo – Coldest in 48 years

South Korea – Cold wave spikes power demand to unprecedented level

Lowest temperature ever recorded in Bangladesh history

More snow in 8 days than Idaho and Colorado get in entire winter

First snow in 50 years paralyzes southern Morocco

China – Coal futures jump 10 percent as cold sweeps the country

What to do about the Cold

The NFL is telling people, “Even if you are only out for a few minutes, it can get quite cold here. You need to dress in layers, hats, gloves, scarves covering your extremities (and) comfortable shoes or boots. And don’t drink.”

Cold is a known source of disease and death. Chinese medicine for thousands of years recognized cold as one of the principle causes of disease. In very cold weather, bodily heat escapes quickly, leaving less energy and fewer resources available to deal with basic needs and that is one of the reasons cold season brings on the flu season.

Some conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are greatly impacted by the weather (especially cold and/or rain), while others are minimally affected, if at all. In general, weather extremes of any kind will place additional stress upon the body, which is usually not helpful for those already suffering from a condition.

When the body does not have enough energy to function properly, many things begin to go wrong. For example, if the brain has too little energy, thought processes such as memory and focus become impaired. The body needs energy to keep itself warm – a low body temperature, therefore, usually accompanies low metabolic energy.

The primary symptoms of under-active thyroid functions include cold hands and feet (low body temperature), fatigue, underweight or overweight, constipation, fuzzy thinking, dry skin, low blood pressure, fluid retention, depression, and slow reflexes.

Medical Treatments for the Cold

Iodine is the first medicine one should think of to improve body temperature. However, infrared treatments are perhaps the best treatment for cold conditions. Until recently most people did not know that you can now sleep, not inside your far infrared sauna, but on top of it in the comfort of one’s own bed. They are called Biomats, and are approved medical devices that heat you from the inside out with far infrared light. This raises core body temperature making one’s immune system considerably stronger and comes in handy when fighting colds, flu and even cancer.

The BioMat

One can turn the heat off in the house at night and just heat the body snuggled under the covers. The Biomat does not get very hot to the touch but when its light interacts with the water molecules in your body you will feel the encircling warmth. Treating what ails you, while you are sleeping, with money that was destined to one’s heating bill, makes sense. When looking at the increasingly cold future, with plans to either move south or survive, and even thrive in the gathering cold—a Biomat makes the perfect investment.


  • Marilyn says:

    Remember when there was the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Between that and the chemical they put in afterwards it was predicted that it would stop the natural flow of the gulf stream and that it would change the temperature of the ocean and a cool down was to be expected for No. America and Europe. Could that be the cause?

  • Terence says:

    I don’t want to be a devil’s advocate, but I understand that the upper weather phenomenon known as Arctic Vortex is somehow a part of the current cold temperatures in North America. Is the triggering of this (which apparently has always existed) necessarily a result of global cooling?

    • Mark Sircus says:

      Look to the sun it explains a lot though man is doing his best to cool the planet….just ask the CIA director why they are spraying in the sky…

      • always loved history says:

        One day back in 2000 I was just popping on different web pages of the UN Earth Summit website. When I accidentally came across which usually means I was pointed out this little page that stated the UN wanted to decrease the world’s population via Humane ways by 2050. I will swear on a million Bibles that’s exactly what it said. Then next thing you know chem trails jets beganspraying across the sky. Anyone that tells you that they are jet contrails is lying to your face. I could walk to the Air Force Base from my grandma’s house. I like to watch Jets take off and Tampa’s airport was way too far for me to walk to when I was a kid.

      • c.brown says:

        I trust God,I believe the Holy Bible,I don’t trust “any” govt.,I still believe the usa is the best,but fast declining,your discourse on climate makes sense,meanwhile I’ll go about my business,try my best to be a good christian,and follow the”good ” info. you’ve GIVEN me about iodine high ph water mag selenium etc. my psa is dropping,the va is still trying to get me to accept radical surgery and chemo. for my cancer,which I am rejecting.I confer with a herbalist and am on a program,using many of the treatments and herbs and minerals you’ve advocated,which also coinside with the programs designed by my herbalist. thank you for the “free” info you provide for anyone who wants it. I greatly appreciate you! c.brown

        • lawrence brown says:

          Hello C. Brown, this being my first comment ever anywhere, i thought it would be most well spent congratulating you for your courage and faith in your own convictions to follow the good Doctor’s advice. I’ve been reading about the subject of cancer for many years and now that i am happily retired and thankfully healthier than I’ve been in years, i want to share notes with you and suggest that you never stop reading about these things. No doubt you are aware that detoxing is vitally important because we live in such a polluted world, both chemical and emf sorts. Radiation of all kinds need to be explored. Mitochondria become damaged and according to Dr Sircus and other white knights, cancer is proving to be a metabolic disease. Look up Dr. Seyfried and follow this trail. Keep reading and let the knowledge fascinate you. May you be healthy and strong. Smell the roses!

    • Chuck Kueny says:

      Probably. Most if not all weather is driven by temperature differentials, which cause density differentials which cause pressure differentials, which cause movement of air. It is a heat engine, it operates on Delta T. Probably if there was not a solar cycle to constantly change our climate( lol,, climate change is weather) then the earth would become stagnant and die. No atmospheric cycling, no ocean currents; how would that affect our environment? Learn to see and appreciate the forrest instead of getting lost in a bunch of trees. Thank God that He is God and that He knows more than 90% of climate scientists.

  • Fred E says:

    The global warming changes the jet streams, so that arctic air travels farther south with subsequent colder temperatures (in the winter). I live in Koblenz Germany (about as far north as Ontario, Canada}’ It used to get cold here, with lots of snow. It SELDOM gets below freezing now, with practically no snow. In the summer it’s mostly hot. Even at night! It used to be cool at night. Good sleeping temp. So, Dr. Sircus, your examples are not relevant to global warming. You studied medicine. There are people who have studied climate and climate changes. Many have doctorates, like you. I would not go to a climate scientist to have prostate problems evaluated. And I think you should stick you area of expertise. Over 90% of the climate scientists disagree with you. And they know what they are talking about.

    • Janine Rickard says:

      It seems the only way one could refute climate change is to allege a global measurement-device conspiracy. UNLIKELY, but I confess I don not know how this data is obtained and how centralized its processing is. Dr Sircus has not responded to my arguments against his basically “look at the weather” argument, which is un-scientific, to put it mildly. Reminds me of that congressman, Republican of course, who threw a snowball in the capitol, as if that proved cc was a hoax.
      Just like the people who already “know” Trump is guilty or innocent of collusion, money-laundering and / or obstruction. Ok obstruction, yes, there is an obvious case there, but we won’t know until the darn investigation is over. This fact though doesn’t seem to stop the opinion masquerading as certitude. Most people do not use their reasoning faculties,, they are not careful thinkers, and that is a failure of the education system and the materialistic values of our society.

      • Mark Sircus says:

        Sorry Janine….sure I report the weather, which is trending colder….but science backs me up all the way…first that CO2 has nothing to do with climate warming….and the sun, according to scientists is cycling down as it usually does creating cooling conditions

        • Janine Rickard says:

          Hi Mark, thanks for engaging! OK, from what I know, I contest that C02 and the other greenhouse gasses have nothing to do with the greenhouse effect. Either way, it is impossible to prove with hard evidence, as we only have one planet.
          Just as a thought experiment, I consider it highly improbable for industrialization’s vicious atmospheric pollutant and other output NOT to have some kind of substantial effect on the climate. You could argue that the atmosphere is huge and therefore can absorb some massive unknown quantity of matter with no long-term effect, and that it isn’t “full” yet. But we know how massive the ocean is and how we’ve managed to pollute it down to the cellular level with plastics, so I think it’s reasonable to consider that we’ve crossed the threshold on the atmosphere as well.
          The sun cycle is a very well known and well studied phenomenon, and I find it a bit hard to believe that all climate scientists systematically avoided factoring it in if relevant. I think that from peak to trough the solar radiation we receive over the 11 year cycle varies by 1%, which does not sound like much, but I don’t really know.

          • always loved history says:

            According to history by reputable people way back then that actually told the truth CO2 was much higher about a thousand years ago than it is today and there were no industrial pollutants in the air. And you’re breathing today aren’t you? And the temperatures used to be a lot hotter than they are today even after multiple years of global warming warnings it’s still cooler than it was then. What would happen to you if all the CO2 were to disappear? Let’s see I inhale oxygen that vegetation creates for me to breathe and I exhale carbon dioxide for the plants to breathe so they can make more oxygen for me to breathe. I find it interesting that our little ozone hole up there in the atmosphere has gotten larger in accordance with the Amazon and other rainforest shrinkages. Hmmm. Trees clean the air besides making oxygen for us to breathe.

          • Fred E says:

            For your information: The ozone hole has gotten SMALLER! Hmmm. You need to keep up with the latest news.

          • Fred E says:

            The ozone hole is getting SMALLER!!!! Why won’t you comment?????

        • Chuck Kueny says:

          Right on Doc. After a period of solar warming the oceans get charged with a little extra heat pumping moisture into the air, along comes reduced solar output and that moisture precipitates. Meanwhile the oceans don’t cool as quickly as the atmosphere so they continue to pump moisture into the atmosphere for years to come. CO2 increases lags rise in temperature not vise versa.

      • Mark Sircus says:

        It seems the only way one could refute climate change is to allege a global measurement-device conspiracy………yes I have published about the lets call them distortions… is more their models……….the hard data is so slim…..but what is happening in the real world is not slight or slim or anything light………

      • Chuck Kueny says:

        It’s a conspiracy of stupidity. Apparently when it comes to climate scientists PhD stands for piled higher and deeper, rich organic bovine fertilizer. Apparently climate scientists don’t understand the validity of ‘interpolation’ and the non validity of ‘extrapolation’. Apparently they think if they plot a curve , the slope of that curve never changes, that it continues into eternity and beyond. Apparently they have no idea of what attenuation is, or what a dynamic equilibrium is. Apparently they think that their childhood years are the benchmark for what climate is supposed to be. Apparently they think that they know what global temperatures were all over the world, a 100 yrs ago, 500 yrs ago, 1000 yrs ago etc,etc. They think they do but they don’t because there were no measurements of it then and they are too stupid to understand the fallacy of extrapolation.
        They preach CO2 is a poison yet they ignore the sun. Tell me where the temperature is higher;at an international airport at 2 p.m. or in a ranchers pasture 40 miles away at 2 p.m.? Because of CO2? Grow a brain then come back. Sheeple Sheeple baaa baaa.

    • Mark Sircus says:

      Yeah lets see you list some of these climate scientists….and there better be some astrophysicists on that list for if you ignore the sun then you ignore climate science

      • Fred E says:

        look at wikipidia….there are lots of them. Your name was not on the list. BTW, the ozone hole is getting smaller, lots smaller. Check it out.

    • Chuck Kueny says:

      Was it also about 90% of German leaders agreed with Hitler? Fred E , you are a sheeple, baaa baaa baaa. The government is counting on sheeple like you. Surely you will not disappoint.

  • ET says:

    It always amazes me that so many of these websites that promote health get people all excited that there is something out there that can give them hope from whatever they are suffering from only to be led to a $2000 answer to their problems…….Most people are struggling to pay the bills and eat while trying to pay for the medications they are on and the possibility of them having $1500 to $2500 to spend on these costly things is slim to none….so who are you really selling to…One out of a few thousand or more while the masses continue to suffer!
    I doubt that you are making any less than 50% of the cost as profit on any one of the products that you keep pushing so why pretend to be concerned about us poor folks that can barely make month to month!
    You are not helping anyone but yourself
    Mr Tetreault

    • Mark Sircus says:

      Sorry you feel this way. I live in the third world and most people actually feel the opposite about me and my work because for many years I grounded it in the cheapest medicines on the planet….sodium bicarbonate, iodine, magnesium chloride, selenium, clay……sulfur…..but yes, about six years ago a patient sent me a Biomat….fell in love with it and made a lot of money with it…really nice to sell something and earn from it something most people fall in love with…….I still shy away from the really expensive stuff…..but now yes its hydrogen inhalation 2,000 to 6,000 dollar machines…again I like the lower end……If you want to become a distributor of Biomats, for instance, you might be dissapointed because they pay 15 percent……

      • Logan Nevitt says:

        Mark, having had the chance to examine and experience a BIomat, I hope to afford one someday. Meantime, rather than resent you as individually responsible for my standing in the world’s collective economic dysfunction, I offer heartfelt thanks to you for educating me about the simple, effective measures available to me. The use of iodine and magnesium have lifted the quality of my life and allowed me to help others I love. Bless you and yours, and thank you for your good work.

  • always loved history says:

    Since the beginning of time climate has run in Cycles just as the sun runs in Cycles, rotation of the Earth runs in a 24 hour cycle and so on. Your weather… it depends on what the climate’s and or the Sun’s cycle is in. For instance if you do a search on Mini Ice Age you will be directed to articles about the 16 hundreds when the sun was going through another solar minimum. You will see the phrase mini Ice Age concerning this period of time The sun has entered into another solar minimum. The global warming enthusiasts claims have gone kaput. For those of us who get confused the government does what’s good for the government. this cycle is supposed to last past 2030. So I wouldn’t waste time worrying about global warming. As Dr Sircus says… Cold will kill you a lot faster than your global warming. And just to remind you as food prices keep growing up because there’s less food due to weather and shorter growing Seasons be sure and thank those global warming warnings you were receiving from all the phonies for not warning you to prepare for the grand solar minimum.
    Most of the time when you want to know the truth look back in history and look for the people that actually study it because they enjoy that kind of thing instead of being puppets of a government. Any government. Anyone that thinks a government does what’s good for its people’s is confused. The government does what’s good for the government. Period!
    Dr sircus has eyes to see and ears that hear which is a blessing to those that understand. Thank you Doctor Syracuse I thoroughly enjoy your calm, informed and peaceful warnings of the truth. I thank the Lord you have been blessed with eyes to see and ears to hear. And I am one of those who absolutely cannot afford any of your products and have never bought any. I do appreciate your newsletters concerning world events.
    Educate yourself. If you want to know the truth listen to the news from other countries they tell more truth about the US than our government does. If you want to know about global warming go to adapt 2030 and learn about solar minimums which have come in Cycles since the beginning of time. Or talk to someone from China they will tell you that many of their great dynasties have fallen during a grand solar minimum.
    60 year old very poor North Carolinian blessed with ears to hear and eyes to see. You don’t have to go to college to get that.

  • always loved history says:

    Solar minimum cooling off sun and lots of volcanic Ash in atmosphere does not create heat.

  • Frances says:

    I am more inclined to accept the information from geoengineeringwatch dot org about
    Geoengineered Winter Weather, The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor. “The more heavily and extensively the geoengineers utilize chemical ice
    nucleating materials, the more extreme the surface cooling that they can
    create.” I still appreciate Dr Sircus’ views.

    • always loved history says:

      China started buying up land in Africa years ago preparing for this minimum. They actually have made a difference in the places that they have invested in and the Africans are very supportive of China because China has improved their quality of life which I am quite happy for them. The time will come Africa will start getting plenty of rain just as now they’re getting snow. China has been and still is is preparing for the harsher weathers and the hard growing season.
      Another thing that people need to think about it is when people are hungry and other people have food there is always war.
      When I moved here in 1991 the weather cycle in my part of North Carolina was lots of wet cold Winters and we got plenty of ice not much snow lots of ice. Being from Florida I had no idea what was happening. But when you talk to the local farmers small farmers that enjoy planning the ground you learn about weather cycles and bigger cycles and bigger Cycles. And history is full of them.
      China dynasties have always fallen during a minimum because their Emperors have a mandate from heaven to feed their people. The present Chinese dynasty has been working on being able to fulfill the mandate to feed its people during the next solar minimum which has already begun. Why else after millennia would China suddenly be interested in owning land in Africa.
      Compare your geoengineered winter weather to thousands of years of History. Read about the history of the people that lived in these minimums.
      I will go visit that geoengineering watch which I feel is just to cover up the fact they haven’t been telling us to prepare for the bad things to come. This country uses misdirection way too much.

  • Fred Wittig says:

    We should strive to encourage the community to prepare for unknown climate conditions. Reflective aluminum insulation is amazing that reflects 97% of the heat inside your home. Clothing is now available with aluminum threads for conserving body heat but also for the elderly or Ill who need to boost core temperature to hopefully trigger a healing fever.
    Our immune system is measured by how much oxygen is in the blood and that is why I promote an alkaline diet for 10 years as the first small step. That simple snip of advice will prevent cancer and is cutting in to the chemo business in this area. The medical system is on quicksand so we must aggressively have science based solutions for every health challenge ready and easily available via internet. You are a blessing to many

  • Jessica Coco says:

    I find it difficult to believe US/NATO want to stop global warming; yet spew millions of tons of coal fly ash in the air knowing this causes greenhouse gases. We are in the 6th extinction phase. Already 75% of all wildlife is gone and 40% of all the forests in Europe & the US are gone. 20% of the US population born after 1955 no longer lives past 40 and the median age is 62 according to 2014 figures. Moreover the #1 cause of death was lung failure. Let’s remember that these figures were taken before the heavy spraying taking place since. I’ve seen neighbors dropping dead like flies. In May 2016, 80 neighbors mostly in their 40s died and there was no discussion whatsoever in my town of Hoboken, NJ. Dr. Sircus I admire your blog. However, we can’t ignore the fact the US/NATO is spraying Chemtrails; and it’s the Chemtrails and ice nucleation; causing the crazy weather patterns and depopulating the planet. I actually saw them testing the system out around November before the big last. Moreover, people in the know admit there is a depopulation program taking place where they are controlling the Chemtrails & diseases so the hospitals are full, but not so overfull people begin questioning. We live in Very frightening. Good diet and lean habits are important, but without clean air, you’re doomed. Even organic food and water are contaminated from these Chemtrails which include glyphosate. P.S. there’s a FB page called: Chemtrails Fightback which hosts monthly phone conferences where we discuss how to organize, what’s going on where we live, and health issues.

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