Cold Climate Chaos – A Taste of Things to Come

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Global warming is dead on arrival. We are living in a cooling world because we revolve around a cooling sun, which will reach the height of inactivity in about ten to fifteen years. Many cooling activities are also happening earth side: dramatically increased volcanic activity, continued commercial air traffic (global dimming effect), the loss of ozone in the stratosphere; and because of the geoengineering of the atmosphere to cool the earth even though there is no global warming.

We also have increasing cloud cover and precipitation because of increased cosmic rays touching down on earth, which explains much about the record-breaking snow and cold as well because more sun light is reflected back to space because of the clouds.

When you speak of climate change people’s eyes glaze over because they are under the influence of massive manipulations of their imagination through constant media propaganda. However real physics is at work and that is why astrophysicists are at the forefront of explaining what is going on.

Besides the weakening of solar output and a diminishing of protective solar winds, the weaker sun leads to diminishing of earths already weakened magnetic field. This gives an easier run for cosmic and other high energy waves to hit the earth and our bodies. Earths weakening magnetic field is going to let in more of everything that comes into our solar system.

A weaker sun means less magnetic protection from the rest of the galaxy. Astronauts know very well of the dangers of space and suffer physically for the intensification of the rays and particles that have no problem hitting DNA structures in the body smashing them to smithereens. Even pilots and frequent fliers have to deal with the issue of increased radiation exposure that is inherent in flying at high altitudes.

It is interesting that part of the bombardment of earth is with hydrogen nuclei, a dangerous form of hydrogen because they are missing an electron and coming in at high speed; and yet another form of hydrogen is the antidote. Molecular hydrogen is the best substance for putting out the fires of oxidative stress that come from radiation exposure.

There are even more factors contributing to climate change though the least of them is carbon emissions, which NASA swears is a cooling gas in the stratosphere because it helps the Earth shed off heat back into space. Man, also does play a role in climate change, with his lust for weather control. He builds huge toys like HARPP to manipulate the weather.

It is crazy (not criminal) to deny climate change, not only because the climate is always changing. Also, because the real criminals are defining climate change specifically as manmade global warming, which is not happening, so it is a scientific and political fraud.

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