Charging Global Warming Fanatics with Child Abuse, Psychosis and Hallucinations

LONDON, UK – February 15, 2019: Protestors with banners at a Youth strike for climate march in central London

Climatologists, newspapers, governmental agencies, and all the people who trust what they have to say about man-made global warming, are experiencing things that aren’t real. They are suffering from delusions based on Mickey-Mouse computer models that make mockeries of the real world. This essay is about climatologists abusing children and creating hysteria with lies.  

Appearing on Capitol Hill, Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg told U.S. “I want you to listen to the scientists and then I want you to take action. This is not political views or my opinions,” she said. “This is science.” She is making a huge assumption blindly believing a 2018 report on global warming by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which warned about the impacts of global warming of 1.5°C that researchers say is likely between 2030 and 2052 if it continues at the current rate.

The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) repeatedly stressing the importance of keeping global warming below two degrees. But now it seems the situation is much more serious than previously understood, with new climate models predicting average temperatures could rise by as much as seven degrees by 2100. As it gets colder these computer models and the scientists who have made a climate religion from them will keep saying its getting warmer.

According to a new poll by the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation, 57% of US teenagers are afraid of climate change when asked how climate change made them feel. In the same survey, 54% of teens also responded that they were motivated and 52% said they were angry. Another essay asks: “How do teachers tell children about climate change without scaring them? Young people want action and are willing to skip school to show how serious they are.”

(AFP Photo/Johannes EISELE)

This all amounts to massive child abuse. Getting massive amounts of kids angry, fearful and wanting to skip school for something that is not happening is beyond the pale. The global warming religion is doing what many religions have done before-corrupting the minds of our children.

Greta Thunberg went as far as saying to the climate-focused UN: “You have stolen my childhood.” She is confused blaming the wrong people for her loss. She also confronts politicians saying, “How dare you.” She has no idea how wrong she is about climate change of the warming CO2 driven type.

“The world is going to end in eight years, according to an 16 year-old Swedish girl with PTSD and anxiety disorders but we’re supposed to trust in the inevitability and permanence of transnational super-governments to forestall the apocalypse?” writes Tom Luongo. His alarming essay puts this entire subject in context, which is the same as I tried to do in my most recent essay Brutal Shifts for Modern Civilization.

Greta’s joined 15 other youth climate activists from around the world in filing a legal complaint with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, alleging that their human rights have been abused. Little does she know where the real abuse is coming from.

How many abused minds are out there? Global climate strike: Young people worldwide are joining marches and climate strikes today. Where the strikes are happening: As of Tuesday, 4,638 events were slated to take place in 139 countries. published: “How Do You Educate Climate Change Skeptics? Empower Their Kids to Teach Them. And they have a new study that shows educating children may be the best way to reach parents who don’t seem to care about climate change. Meaning, the study suggests that the best way to get unconcerned adults to care more about climate is to educate them through their kids. The study is encouraging because it shows that there is a pathway for communicating with people who stubbornly resist believing the facts on climate.” Almost any lie can be accepted as truth if it’s said often enough and with enough certainty.

Psychological Attacks

Julia Rosen at the Los Angeles Times reports that, at least in the United States, dismissing climate change is tied up with people’s identities and ideological perspective. That means that for many, being concerned about climate change is more than just accepting facts—it’s overturning their personal identity.

These people are mind terrorists. Only crazy people can’t see or understand climate change for the climate is always changing. What sane people do see, however, is the scam of man-made global warming, which is impossible in the face of the Grand Solar Minimum that is presently occurring. Yet we read crazy things like proposals to spend 25% of EU budget on climate change.

From not having kids to battling anxiety: Climate change is shaping life choices and affecting mental health reads the headline. A Yale survey released in December found nearly 70% of Americans are “worried” about climate change, 29% are “very worried” – up eight percentage points from just six months earlier – and 51% said they felt “helpless.” Worry about climate change is reasonable but it is cold climate change that is overtaking us as well as farmers.

Medical Recommendations for Global Warming Fanatics

“CNN’s recent 7-hour climate bore-athon garnered pathetic viewership,” writes Paul Driessen. “But it revealed just how far into fantasyland CNN hosts and Democrat presidential candidates have traveled. They all simply assumed we are in the midst of a climate cataclysm – and proceeded in trying to outbid each other on how much taxpayer and consumer money they would spend, how many of our personal choices and living standards they would roll back how far, and how “renewable” energy can quickly and easily be commanded to replace fossil fuels.”

Protesting Global Warming in Australia – In the snow.

Anti-psychotics are medications that are primarily used to treat psychosis: the presence of hallucinations (experiencing things that aren’t real) and/or delusions (strongly-held false beliefs.

One has to see these Democratic contenders make fools of themselves with their plans to spend trillions of dollars for something that is not happening.

More Hallucinations from Democrats

Is global warming to blame for the Syrian war? Democratic presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg, Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders seem to think so. At the CNN climate town hall this month, Buttigieg and O’Rourke referred to climate change as a national security threat that contributed to causing the Syrian civil war. “Wars that were precipitated by climate change, like Syria, will pale in comparison to the wars that we see in the future,” O’Rourke warned. Both candidates follow the lead of Sanders, who has long claimed that “climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Friday a sweeping climate protection plan worth at least 100 billion euros by 2030, as hundreds of thousands protested for action against global warming. That’s a lot of money to spend over a global hallucination.

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