Begging for Global Warming as Global Cooling Becomes Obvious

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As each day passes the evidence climbs, as predicted by scientists (not politicians and Popes), that a steep drop of temperatures would ensue—first dropping temperatures to where they were in the very cold late 1800s and then going down from there to ice age conditions that will threaten a great part of the northern latitudes over the next 10 years.

We are not ready for any of this mentally or in any other way thanks to people like former president Obama, the Pope, and let’s never forget Al Gore. Some of the most unscrupulous people have been championing the cause of manmade global warming even though the science and actual conditions on the ground have been showing for ten years that there is no such thing as manmade warming.

It has been a big snow job, pure propaganda and now the gig is up as it starts snowing in Florida of all places. Now we have temperatures crashing, almost the entire continental United States frozen over, snow accumulating in record amounts and ice forming in the great lakes at breathtaking speed. It is not just record breaking cold but record breaking snow fall that is showing us just how difficult global cooling will be compared to global warming.

Winter is here but it’s not a regular winter as just about every American can feel if they step outside. Boston tied a 100-year-old record on Tuesday when it marked seven consecutive days of temperatures that did not top 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.7 degrees Celsius). New York’s airports have registered new lows and Chicago has enjoyed its coldest New Year’s Day ever.

In Nebraska, temperatures hit 15 below zero (-26 Celsius) before midnight Sunday in Omaha, breaking a record low dating to 1884, which is 134 years ago. The temperature in Indianapolis dropped to -12°F (-24C) on the 2nd, tying the previous record for the date set in 1887.

Forecasters warned people to be wary of hypothermia and frostbite from the arctic blast that’s gripping a large swath from the Midwest to the Northeast, where the temperature, without the wind chill factored in, dipped to minus 32 (minus 35 Celsius) Thursday morning in Watertown, New York. Temperatures rose to minus 7 (minus 22 Celsius) early Friday morning before the really cold air moved in for New Years. Officials are urging people to assist the homeless and elderly.

On the second of January the National Weather Service issued winter storm watches and warnings all the way from northern Florida to northern Maine, a distance of about 1,500 miles. By Friday morning, the fifth of January, wind chills could drop as low as minus 30F (-34.4C) from the Midwest to the Northeast. “This is about as intense cold as I can remember,” said Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasting for Atmospheric and Environmental Research.

The Face of Global Warming

PHOTO: Water squirts from a frozen fountain near downtown in Charlotte, N.C., on Jan. 2, 2018.

Chuck Burton/AP Water squirts from a frozen fountain near downtown in Charlotte, N.C., on Jan. 2, 2018. More than five feet of snow has pummeled Erie, PA., last week, shattering at least seven city and state records. Record cold across Michigan, New York, Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Nebraska at the end of last year smashing 100-year-old records all across the country.

One wonders if Obama has one honest bone in his body. Let us see if he ever comes up with some truth about what is affecting hundreds of millions of Americans as the cold comes to stay.

Back on December 17, the Great Lakes had a total of 5.7 percent ice coverage. That may not sound like much, but on December 17, 2016, only 3.8 percent of the Great Lakes were ice-covered, and in 2015 on that date, no ice had been reported. Now fast forward to December 31. According to, ice covered close to 10 percent of Lake Superior yesterday. Typically, in late December. Lake Superior has about five percent of total ice cover.

The decline in the energy output of the sun is extremely rapid at this point.  Satellite and NASA datasets show that rapid cooling is underwayThe cooling we are seeing in the troposphere really is spectacular. What we are experiencing is the second largest cooling in 37+ years of satellite records.

This is not new news. We have had plenty of warnings through the last 10 years, which politicians have deliberately ignored. Scientists warn that the Earth is just 15 years away from experiencing a “mini ice age” — something that has not happened in 300 years. Solar scientists say that the latest model shows the Sun’s magnetic waves will become offset in Cycle 25, which peaks in 2022. Then, in Cycle 26, solar activity will fall by 60 per cent.

Special Note: If you still believe in manmade global warming understand you are suffering from a deliberately implanted mental disease. Like many mental disorders reality is left behind for something else, delusions, paranoia, aggressiveness and even violence. We have read in the last few years how global warming fanatics want to prosecute what they call climate change deniers. Also, global warming champions never talk about the sun. They are also incapable of doing any research that challenges their beliefs.


  • Debbie Kimsey says:

    the global warming and global cooling is all manufactured by the geoengineering weather warfare secret agents, the Luciferian talmudist zionist fake jews. The jesuits are their army commanders.

  • jos says:

    Here in the Netherlands it is warmer; no frost but temperatures 8-10 degrees Celsius; last year it was also relatively warm in the winther

    • Louise says:

      Hi jos, Good to hear your winter isn’t too cold. Of course, our individual temps prove nothing. However, we are setting record low temps all over the U.S., so one would expect that abnormally high temps would ensue elsewhere on our planet. Without such an offset, then our record lows would give some credence to global cooling. Enjoy your mild winter, next year could be much colder.

    • Mark Sircus says:

      Yet Denmark has cold summer

  • Godfrey says:

    Agree… Barry Obongo Soetero is a vile POS. A phaggot, a muslim and a puppet of the radical arm of the Deep State. If there is ever any justice in the USA (doubtful), this poseur will take the room temperature challenge on a Gurney with a needle in his arm.

  • John Brailsford says:

    12°C (54°F) here in Salzburg Austria at the moment.
    Many glaciers have receded year for year and that can be easily measured.
    Maybe there are other issues such as plasma from the sun which is affecting the climate and CO² is not to blame but at the moment the climate in Europe is warming.

    • Louise says:

      Nice to hear that your area of our world is providing some offset for the record low temps we are experiencing here all over the U. S. Of course even our record lows may mean nothing, if your area or other parts of the planet are offsetting with record highs. Obviously, with global cooling (or warming), there will be some areas that are above average temps, while other areas are below average temps. However, the overall trend will be down (or up) over time. Stay cool, my friend! ☺

      • Chant Nitai-Nam says:

        The overall trend is UP, otherwise the Glaciers worldwide would not melt in such a high speed since many decades.
        But I don’t see the reason in mankind, but rather in the higher sun activity, as it was always in the past.

        • Mark Sircus says:

          lower sun activity, don’t know where you guys dream this up

          • Chant Nitai-Nam says:

            Worldwide (Alps, Himalaya, Andes, Greenland, North- and South-Pole) the scientists are measuring the very fast melting of Ice. Here in Switzerland are even a few smaller glaciers gone, the bigger ones are short (some over 1000 meters since 1930) and thin (alone within the two last years, some lost in thickness (more than 5 meters) as never before.
            So, who is dreaming here?

          • Mark Sircus says:

            yeah yeah yeah, show us links to all of this and meanwhile its snowing in the Sahara….. Sahara Desert covered in 15 inches of SNOW, must be because of the melting glaciers and the very hot weather

          • Chant Nitai-Nam says:

            I have shown you a few links, but don’t give your OK. So nobody can see my answer and the links you ask for.

          • Mark Sircus says:

            Sure Chanti really looks like global warming where you live. Unusually heavy snowfall has trapped around 13,000 tourists at the Swiss resort of Zermatt, one of the country’s most popular ski stations.
            The snow has blocked all roads and the train leading to the resort in the southern Swiss canton of Valais, which was also hit by some power outages, head of the train station Janine Imesch said.
            The main access road has been closed since early Monday, while the train was halted Monday evening, she said.
            Switzerland’s WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research said Monday afternoon that at least 80 cm (31.5 inches) of snow had fallen on the Zermatt area over the last 24 hours, raising the avalanche risk to a maximum level.
            French forecasters have described the snowfall as the kind only seen “once in every 30 years.”

  • Rebecca Myers says:

    Has anyone considered the idea that the weather is manipulated via HAARP? And the impinging cold IS possibly manmade?

    • Mark Sircus says:

      yes in part because of all the spraying but the sun is still much stronger than any human activity
      also air traffic is responsible for solar dimming, so is pollution and so is volcanic pollution…all add to blocking sun reaching the planet

  • Deborah in NC says:

    I came across Adapt 2030 on YouTube several months back. I have been warning people in the apartment complex that winter is coming and it’s going to be worse than ever before, in North Carolina. They all looked at me like I was crazy. The grand solar minimum has be gone and it’s not going to quit until the world population has been decreased significantly. And that is the reason why the powers that be ignored be coming Ice Age. Shouting about global warming at the top of their lungs making sure to program all the ignorant young people that main goal in life is to Tweed or update their Facebook pages. It has always been about population control starting with the Chemtrails back in the 90s.

    • empiricist2 says:

      Yes probably the supposed warming was justification for geoengineering to cool the planet with chemtrails (not to mention the toxins dropped for further experiments and drug co benefits). Well I guess we move south.

  • David says:

    I posted this article on Al Gore’s Facebook page, went back, it had been deleted.
    Al gore stays busy these days, it takes time to count all the money that he has raked in on this scam

  • Smiley says:

    It’s called Karma… All bullying nations always finally get their comeuppance.
    Hope it last forever.. The US has become the most aggressive nation ever!

  • Chant Nitai-Nam says:

    I agree, global warming is not caused by mankind. But you forget: The USA is not the World! Warming, caused by a higher sun activity, is felt on the whole planet. Here in Europe, we have unusual high temperature. January starts here in Switzerland with more than 10°C. Usually it is the coldest month.
    To see a few very cold days in USA is not a reverence for a global colding. Here in Switzerland all glaciers are melting in a speed never seen before and this since 80 years faster and faster.
    So, global warming (not USA warming or cooling as only reverence) caused by a higher sun activity is a fact, which we – as a winter sport nation – can see and feel directly on our melting glaciers.

  • Frances says:

    Readers would be advised to read the latest geoengineering watch newsletter suggesting that the US weather is not the result of nature but of climate engineers using patented chemical ice nucleating elements.

    • Joyce says:

      The scientists say solar energy output is low and stratosphere is getting extremely cold. Should someone still believe this cold is man-made and global warming is taking place? Terrible.

  • Lou says:

    Gore: Hey guys how much work would it be to change the word “Warming” into the word “Cooling” in all our documents?
    Well Al it is easy but you do not understand all the other changes required.
    Gore: Just do it. I know our partners in government will go along. After all we can keep all the taxes the same and of course everyone’s cut would be invariant..

  • chris says:

    finally a real analysis of the planets status. thank you mr. sircus

  • Rick S. says:

    Ya know, as you read the below comments referring to Smiling_Liar-Obama, Hells_Reverend-Gore, the Luciferian Leftist Media and all of the full-of-crap others who continue to Propagandize Global/Climate/Warming/Change, the effects of a cooling Planet Earth and the destruction that comes along with it, the potential is for really, really, really BAD-TIMES are ahead in the near future !
    Starvation running amok World-Wide !!
    100’s of Millions Dead in a very short time [ AT LEAST ] !!!

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