Age of Record Snowstorms

In recent days and weeks, hundreds of millions of people have experienced record amounts of ‘outrageous’ snow. For example, more snow has fallen in two days in the Northeast of the United States than all of last year, and today is only the first day of winter.

If global warming cheerleaders were in any way correct, there would be no snow instead of record-breaking snow. For twelve years, I have been convinced that instead of warming, we are moving into a time of cooling that will lead to a grand solar minimum and the advent of a new mini ice age. True weather and climate are two different but highly related issues, but the weather’s history is the climate.


Unless you want to argue with NASA and the sun itself, we are moving, like we have many times in the past, into a time of diminished solar activity. We see increasing cosmic rays, which seed clouds and cause cooling from more cloud coverage that reflects sunlight and heat, more snow on the ground that also reflects the heat, increased volcanic activity that blocks light up in the stratosphere, shorter growing seasons, and the list goes on.

What is especially involved in greatly increasing snow is the jet stream’s irregular shape, inviting cold to move south with more violent snowstorms. We are just at the beginning of cooling temperatures, but the snow is coming earlier, so early some places saw snow at the end of the summer. The increasing violence of snowstorms, though, suggests a grim future for northern regions. How do ice ages start and look like, weather mini or full-on ice ages?

They start with record amounts of snow that build up and don’t melt in the cooling summers. But before that happens, life becomes enormously more difficult like it is already in some places in New York that still have not dug out from last week’s historic snowstorm. It is not time to move to Siberia, but Siberia is coming to you if you live in the wrong place.

The Village of Endicott in Broome County, New York, remained in the State of Emergency on Sunday as snow removal efforts continued. 

So it might be time to get out of Dodge now, which means time to move, if one can, away from the northern latitudes to somewhere with less snow and cold. Perhaps this is one of the reasons behind the lie of man-made global warming because those in the know, like the Pentagon and intelligence agencies, cannot allow the kind of information that would lead to a mass migration to the south get out.

There are other reasons to abandon the northern regions. Many people and even companies are moving away from New York, Illinois, and California to places south like Florida and Texas for tax relief and just for sanity’s sake. I live in Brazil in the semi tropics where it never freezes. I moved from Florida 30 years ago, but no one has ever accepted my help in moving this far south.


We indeed have other massive problems on the table. We are just in the second week of having an experimental vaccine rammed down our collective throats, decades of preexisting health problems building, enough debt to ring the galaxy, and lies that will stretch noses to the moon. Though COVID and how health officials responded to it is an enormous problem, what worries people in the know is the threatening financial calamity and the economic consequences to that, which millions, if not billions of people are already feeling.

Health advisors are the loudest voices in favor of the lockdowns.
They may not stop the virus, but they will kill the economy.
                                                                                                       James Rickards.


If one wants to look into these issues, I suggest you look at recent history starting in the summer, what happened in October and what is happening now. Open your eyes and hearts and find the courage to do what is right for yourself and your family. If one has no resources to change anything about one’s external life, I highly suggest a radical turn to one’s inner life of love and spirit.

Change and Listening

Change is always difficult. We resist, and sometimes that breaks us. My work as a communication psychologist and one of my first poems in my book HeartHealth reads:

To listen is to suffer because we do not want to listen
to anything that might require a change.
To listen is to change.
We cannot change without listening.
Listening implies a change.
We need to change just to listen.

In climate science, there are two sides with only one side listening to the other. Global warming proponents cannot stand to listen to those scientists speaking about global cooling, yet those who point out that the sun is cycling down understand and listen to the global warming story. It just happens that there is no truth to man-made global warming, but do you think a person who believes in global warming wants to hear that? Vaccine proponents cannot stand to listen to vaccines’ dangers and how many children get hurt by them. And often husbands cannot stand to listen to their wives and visa versa.

We don’t listen because we have never been taught to listen on deep levels. We just assume listening. Some people are natural listeners meaning they listen more than they talk.

Most even have a hard time listening to themselves. We struggle with our emotions, feelings, intuitions, and vulnerabilities because our minds are so busy thinking that they leave little space to listen to the deeper internal areas of being.

Love listens, so we should easily understand why there is so little love in the world. Families are often the most dangerous places for women and children because the poverty of listening eventually breeds violence.

Overwhelming evidence points out that those in power do not want us to listen to anything that challenges the mainstream narrative about climate, COVID-19, and the vaccines coming out to treat it that replace safer effective medicines that they do not want you to know about. Even doubts about the legitimacy of the recent elections in the United States are absent from the mainstream press. Everything but accepted narratives is censored on YouTube and Facebook.

Listening is the Ultimate Social Skill

It is much more pleasant to be with people who listen than people who talk too much. Quiet people tend to be good at listening. People who talk too much are usually terrible listeners. When a person says ‘yes but’ to something you say, they only listen to themselves and what they are planning to say next.

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