A Problem That Does Not Exist

Suppose politicians would spend five minutes reading skeptical climate change websites. In that case, they’d know that half the population has good reason to be skeptical of climate experts who rely on broken climate models. Dr. Roy Spencer said, “The climate models depended upon for public policy should not be believed when it comes to their global warming projections.”

In an era declared by the experts to be the warmest in modern times, and when there is supposed to be no more snow, we are seeing reports of record-cold and devastating amounts of snowfall. Anyone declaring this is the warmest, most snowless winter on record should be carted off to a nut house. Manmade warming policies are bending reality to the breaking point. They are dangerous and border on insanity. Sadly it’s something most politicians and a dishonest media embrace.

According to a recent Gallup poll, most Americans do not trust the federal government. Yet 37 percent do. What these people trust are lies, the big ones. Governments, meaning politicians, cannot help themselves; it’s a long-time habit that has become an addiction. COVID-19 vaccines are perfectly safe, and yes, we should expect short, warm winters and dolphins swimming on the moon. But what we are seeing is the suffering of killer whales trapped in ice, struggling to breathe.

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